Mon Jul 30 14:31:45 PDT 2001

	Release version 1.04.

Mon Jul 30 14:24:56 PDT 2001

	Update the test script to match the new error codes from and

Fri Feb  2 16:28:18 PST 2001

        Release version 1.03.

Fri Feb  2 16:17:40 PST 2001

	Include two patches to apply to LWPng-alpha-0.24 to improve
	portibility to newer versions of Perl and Win32 platforms.

	The test script was failing in one test since the FTP site
	being used for testing was slightly modified.  Change the
	script to hopefully do the same test in a location that will
	not change.

Thu Nov  2 11:00:13 PST 2000

	Release version 1.02.

Thu Nov  2 10:44:11 PST 2000

	Require and use the latest versions of all the HTTP related
	Perl modules, since the error messages from the modules appear
	to have changed and this will make sure that the test scripts
	in the test directory pass.  This means using the following
	new modules:

	    Net::FTP 2.56
	    LWPng 0.24
	    LWP 5.48
	    URI 1.09

Thu Nov  2 10:25:34 PST 2000

	Change all of the email addresses in all of the documentation
	from to

	In WebFS::FileCopy::Put::File, when opening the output file
	call binmode() on the file handle so that binary files are
	properly written on Windows operating systems.

	When opening a FTP connection to put a file on the FTP server,
	no longer set default values for the username, password and
	account in WebFS::FileCopy::_open_ftp_connection and instead
	let the Net::FTP module set these since it has some code to
	handle FTP proxy's.  In particular, having
	WebFS::FileCopy::_open_ftp_connection set the account value to
	`home' if the account value was not previously set would cause
	failures on some FTP servers since Net::FTP would always
	attempt the ACCT command on the FTP server, which some servers
	do not recognize and the login would fail.

Mon Jul  5 11:34:24 PDT 1999

	Object destruction was not occurring of LWP::Request objects since
	the data_cb and done_cb hash elements are anonymous subroutines
	that contained references to external objects.	Now all the
	WebFS::FileCopy subroutines delete these hash elements and object
	destruction occurs normally.

	Add some debugging code to the modules.  If
	$WebFS::FileCopy::WARN_DESTROY is true, then upon destruction
	some modules will now print a message that they were destructed.

	Add a test to check the filename to directory appending code
	in copy_urls.

Fri Jul  2 22:00:01 PDT 1999

	Allow HTTP::Request and LWP::Request's to be passed to all
	WebFS::FileCopy subroutines.  This allows authentication to
	be included in a HTTP::Request to log into private portions of
	web sites.

	Do a lot of internal renaming of URL to URI.

Mon Jun 28 16:19:44 PDT 1999

	Fix a typo in Makefile.PL as noted by Roland Bauer

Tue Apr 13 09:29:13 PDT 1999 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Update the module to use URI instead of URI::URL.  Check for
	URI 1.02 in Makefile.PL.

	Update to use LWPng-alpha 0.24 which now uses URI instead of

	Increase the number of tests in t/01copy.t to check the return
	from any WebFS::FileCopy command for a defined values.

	Check for Digest::MD5 version 2.06 instead of MD5 version 1.7
	in Makefile.PL.

	Release version 1.00.

Thu Apr  8 10:20:30 PDT 1999 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Have ok() in t/*.t return the success or failure of the test
	instead of the number of tests performed.

Thu Jul  9 12:45:01 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Release version 0.03.

Wed Jul  8 10:05:41 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Update Makefile.PL to require HTML::Parser 2.20.

Tue Jul  7 10:25:39 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Update Makefile.PL to require LWPng_alpha 0.23, LWP 5.34, and
	HTML::Parser 2.19.

	Rename all gen_response to give_response after LWPng changed the
	name of LWP::Request->gen_response to LWP::Request->give_response.

Sat Jul  4 09:59:33 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Replace occurrences of EGADS with WebFS::FileCopy in Makefile.PL.
	Noted by Lupe Christoph <>.

	Rename the WebFS::UA package to WebFS::FileCopy::UA and
	WebFS::Response to WebFS::FileCopy::Response to keep the name
	space cleaner.

Thu Jul  2 10:45:31 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Per Gisle's request, put _start_read_request and
	_start_transfer_request in a new WebFS::UA package and
	_read_content in a new WebFS::Response package.

	Update t/01copy.t to pass all tests on Windows NT.

Sun Jun 28 11:22:57 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Have WebFS::FileCopy use version 0.21 of LWPng or greater.

	Add warning note in README regarding the alpha LWPng code.

	Release version 0.02.

Fri Jun 26 13:47:48 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Rename URI::Copy to WebFS::FileCopy.

Sun Jun 21 11:14:07 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Rename URI::File::Copy to URI::Copy.

Thu Jun 18 12:16:25 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Remove use Data::Dumper from URI::File::Copy.

	Add README documentation.

Thu May 21 17:33:55 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Fix a mistake in the example code for get_urls.

Fri May 15 15:18:22 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Added list_url, which returns a list of files in a directory
	pointed to by a URL.

Wed May 13 18:19:38 PDT 1998 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Version 0.01

	First version.