Revision history for the WebFetch modules for Perl5

      - converted the following modules to support Embedding API:
      	DebianNews, General
      - removed fetch_main function from the derived modules; now
        handles this for all of them.  (This is a partial fix for a problem
	with embedding more than one WebFetch module at a time, reported by
	Joey Hess of the Debian Project.)
      - fixed pod formatting problem in Embedding API docs

0.10 Wed Sep 15 01:23:53 PDT 1999
      - added WebFetch Embedding API (added over 850 lines to
      - XML::Parser added as a build-time dependency
      - the Slashdot and LinuxToday modules now fetch their news via XML
      - converted the following modules to support Embedding API:
        CNETnews, CNNsearch, COLA, Freshmeat, SiteNews, Slashdot
	(upcoming releases will convert more until all are done)
      - modules with the Embedding API can now all export in WebFetch, XML
        or RDF output formats

0.09 Sun Aug 15 03:56:47 PDT 1999
      - added XML fetching for WebFetch::Slashdot, patch by Dan Sully
      - added WebFetch::LinuxTelephony, contributed by Greg Youngblood
      - added WebFetch::LinuxDevNet
      - added WebFetch::32BitsOnline

0.08 Sun Aug  1 22:58:48 PDT 1999
      - added WebFetch::DebianNews, contributed by Chuck Ritter
      - updated TODO with plans for site configuration, and
        prioritization notes about what's required for WebFetch 1.0
      - added --noshuffle to WebFetch::COLA
      - updated WebFetch core docs, moved style parameter docs to command line

0.07 Tue Jul  6 05:50:29 PDT 1999
      - obsoleted WebFetch::EGAuthors because eGroups changes their site too
        often to keep up with (and has no direct news-export support)
      - added WebFetch::CNETnews, contributed by Jamie Heilman
      - updated WebFetch::CNNsearch to allow keyword-only searches.
        This became necessary when a Linux story got on all the
	"in other news" pages at CNN and suddenly all pages on CNN
	matched a search for Linux.  This release also fixed a bug
	with non-Linux searches, reported by Jamie Heilman.
      - New --style command line option was added to control the internal
        HTML style parameter.  Some new style strings were added
	(notable, bullet)

0.06 Tue May  4 17:00:01 PDT 1999
      - updated WebFetch::EGAuthors for formatting changes all over their
        site on May 1
      - updated WebFetch::CNNsearch for formatting changes in their
        search engine on May 4

0.05  Sun Apr 11 00:00:00 PDT 1999
      - added experimental WebFetch::PerlStruct

0.04  Thu Apr  8 18:51:29 PDT 1999
      - modified WebFetch::Slashdot so it can get headlines
        and any other Slashdot-compatible site
      - updated module dependencies in Makefile.PL (was missing Date::Calc
        for WebFetch::SiteNews)
      - added WebFetch::CNNsearch module
      - added WebFetch::COLA module
      - added --font_size and --font_face to WebFetch (all command lines)
      - default WebFetch::General format now uses "title" instead of "text"
      - fixed bad RE flags in WebFetch::General, captures more than one
        field correctly now

0.03  Sun Mar 21 22:22:03 PST 1999
      - added documentation to WebFetch::General
      - updated --ns_export capability when Netscape switched to use RDF
      - fixed off-by-one error in WebFetch::SiteNews short news output

0.02  Fri Jan 15 02:33:34 PST 1999
      - fixed a typo
      - added WebFetch::General module to read WebFetch::wf_export format
      - added webfetch-pb.gif "powered by" image
      - added documentation to WebFetch::SiteNews
      - added --ns_export (MyNetscape export)

0.01  Mon Jan 11 02:56:15 PST 1999
      - original version
	(Though this is the first beta of WebFetch, this is a second
	generation of code used to handle web-gathered news by SVLUG)