Revision history for WebService-Bitly

0.01    Sat Jul 24 10:23:50 2010
        First version.
0.02    Tue Nov 16 21:50:20 2010
        Little fix clicks api test. Sam Kaufman send me the patch. Thanks.
        /v3/validate api doesn't work well, so skip validate api test temporarily.
0.03    Mon Nov 22 22:03:20 2010
        /v3/validate api work again, so make validate api test work.
        add referrers method.
        fix dependency.
        change where returns array into returning array or arrayref depending on the context.
0.04    add new api method such as /v3/countries, /v3/clicks_by_minute and /v3/clicks_by_day
0.05    Sun Nov 28 17:46:20 2010
        change test into using mock.
        fix some bugs.
0.06    Thu Mar 17 17:05:50 2010
        remove authenticate method, because remove authenticate api from api.