Revision history for WebService-Bluga-Webthumb

0.05    2013-01-11
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        Add example script.  No functional changes to module.

0.04    2012-12-15
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        Add support for local caching, so images can be fetched and stored to a
        local directory, and URLs for the image in that directory served up

0.03    2011-07-07
        Actually default to caching for 14 days if nothing else was specified,
        as already documented.

        The medium image sizes are "medium" and "medium2", not "medium1".
        The API documentation was originally wrong, the author Josh confirmed
        that it's "medium", not "medium1", and updated the docs.  Thanks Josh,

0.02    2011-07-06
        Some documentation improvements, and use thumb_url instead of easy_thumb
        for a method name (but continue to support easy_thumb as an alias).

0.01    2011-07-05
        First beta version.  Working, but need to write some tests.