Revision history for WebService-Careerjet

3.1     9 Dec 2015
        Updated documentation for en_CN and fr_CA.

3.0     6 May 2015
        Changed user agent name in API call.
        Syncronized module version number with other languages.

1.14    5 May 2015
        Made the Careerjet affiliate ID, the end-user's IP address and user agent
        required parameters.

0.13    4 May 2012
        Adapted module to the new Careerjet API

0.12    3 Nov 2009
        Added documentation about how to use the new location disambiguation system.

0.11    8 July 2009
        Corrected the documentation part about ISO codes.
        Added Bangladesh (
        Added Saudi Arabia (

0.10    24 April 2009
        Added the affid parameter for Careerjet partners.
        Added documentation about proxy settings.

0.09    1 April 2009
        Added debug mode.
        Fixed decoding and encoding issues in the CLI executable.
        Added dependency for Class::AutoAccess class.

0.08    12 Mar 2009
        Added Colombia and Kuwait.

0.07    26 Nov 2008
        Added Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine and
        Hungary. Fixed JSON deprecated call.

0.06    17 Apr 2008
        Fixed typo.
        Added Korea, Japan, China and a few spanish speaking countries
        Fixed problems with locale code for China for English-speakers.
        Fixed problems with locale code for Czech Republic.

0.05    3  Mar 2008
        Corrected documentation.
        Added Denmark, Finland and Norway.
        Fixed data issues with Mexico and Hong Kong.

0.04    2  May 2007
        Added command line interface executable.

0.01    26 April 2007
        First version.