Revision history for WebService-Cmis:

2013-07-17 MichaelDaum <>

	 * preparing release 0.09
	 * fixed test for setContentStream based on caps
	 * exclude internal functions from pod
	 * working towards broader coverage
	   This one basically adds support for Alfresco's new cmis endpoint based
	   on Apache Chemistry Open Cmis bindings while still retaining
	   functionality for the old one. Some people might still like talking to
	   the now deprecated old cmis endpoint as it might still offer features
	   not yet covered by Open Cmis.
	   Support for Nuxeo is there now.
	   With it comes a rework of the authentication services part when
	   allocating a rest client. We have
	   - basic auth (as before),
	   - cookie based authentication
	   - token based auth
	   - header based auth (experimental)
	   The test suite now tries to document features broken in some repositories
	   that can't be tested by us here successfully. As we still want our tests
	   to cope with it there's a list of brokenFeatures keeping track of vendors and
	   product versions. Each breakackage comes with a link pointing to the filed
	   bug report as possible, e.g. ALF-19186, ALF-19186. In some cases I am really
	   not sure how to deal with bugs which might simply be incompatibilities among
	   repositories or due to my misunderstanding the CMIS specs.
	   We've got a new test dependency: XML::SemanticDiff. It helped to figure out
	   some problematic cases, but I might take that stuff out on a later point again.
	   I've added a way to deal with getSummary() / updateSummary() in a reasonable way.
	   These two accessed the atom summary of an entry. I'd expect that vendors make use
	   of as much atom features as possible while mapping their document model onto CMIS.
	   Unfortunately they don't. For one the old web scripts based Alfresco bindings did
	   just fine, whereas the new Open CMis based ones put them somewhere else inside
	   alfresco-specific nodes, a regression.
	   Nuxeo goes with Dublin Core which makes more sense in my book.  As
	   gettign a document's tag line seems quite important I tried to smoothen that out
	   in the client bindings, which sucks of course. At least I was able to read/write
	   a document's description again on Nuxeo, while getting back read-only on Alfresco
	   again (Open CMIS bindings).

2012-10-02 MichaelDaum <>

	 * fixing Bug #79914
	   also: skip manifest tests on a normal test run

2012-09-25 MichaelDaum <>

	 * improvements to test suite
	   - test for a proper {testRoot} setting in cmis.cfg
	      - be more robust against a non-configured changeslog
	      - switch off LC_NUMERIC locales in Property tests

2012-09-20 MichaelDaum <>

	 * rationalized logging in
	 * added ticket-based authentication

2012-09-11 MichaelDaum <>

	 * fixing (build)/prerequisites
	 * skip all server tests when none is configured

2012-08-31 MichaelDaum <>

	 * fixed setting summary to the empty string
	 * added cancelCheckOut tests
	   - added a more detailed test to clarify the ckeckin-pwc-cancelchecout behavior
	   - fixed auto-clearing of client cache on certain repository operations

2012-08-29 MichaelDaum <>

	 * improved changelog generator
	 * preparing release 0.03
	 * pick up proprietary properties as well
	 * added example code to getAllowableActions()

2012-08-28 MichaelDaum <>

	 * fixed pod
	 * implemented setContentStream
	   - rationalized the way objects are changed by version services
	   - removed some unused encoding stuff
	   - rationalited api wrt contentFile/contentData parameters
	 * improved caching; allowing to override cache-control
	 * this is called edit-media, not edit-meta

2012-08-27 MichaelDaum <>

	 * fixed pod, fixed example configuration
	 * added getEditLink, getLast, some missing relations

2012-08-24 MichaelDaum <>

	 * update signatore
	   (how do I automate this)
	 * removing useless object type mapping
	   ... as we are testing the baseTypeId and not the objectTypeId which
	   might vary a lot.
	 * too many ignore thingies
	 * updating signature
	 * improved tests and pod docu
	   - added {cacheEnabled} option to test suite to speed up accessing remote hosts
	   - properly implemented getRenditions, was called getRenditionInfo before

2012-08-23 MichaelDaum <>

	 * added tests applying ACLs to objects
	 * fixing link to xcmis test host
	 * re-adding test suite
	   - generating README from pod
	   - implemented applyACL()
	   - signed all files
	   - added tests for ACLs and ACEs
	   - fixed handling of permissions in ACE
	   - added test for cmis.cfg used by the test suite itself

2012-08-22 MichaelDaum <>

	 * fixed copyright notions and acknowledegments
	 * added pod for interfaces not yet implemented
	 * removing pod markup from readme
	 * Fixed distro files, removed private REST::Client

2012-08-21 MichaelDaum <>

	 * converted to Test::Class

2012-03-16 Michael Daum <>

	 * checking in existing unit tests
	   These need to be converted from Unit::TestCase to Test::More
	 * fixing pod unit tests
	 * boilerplate content
	 * boilerplate and initial checkin
	 * first commit