Revision history for WebService-EveOnline

0.62   3rd September 2008
       Fixed up skill-in-training following Empyrean Age 1.1 patch
	   Added a finished_training method to skill object
	   Updated tests/show_character example

0.61   28th July 2008
       Removed spurious station_id from

0.60   28th July 2008
       Unfortunately due to a dodgy manifest and an error in
       versioning, I'm moving to a new version number.
       Sorry for the inconvenience.

0.5.3  25 Jul 2008
       Fixes the manifest and explicitly names the correct version
       in several places (thanks CPAN automated testing)
0.5.2  Fixes a misnamed subroutine in Transaction list.
0.5.1  Small fix that checks for any prior version of the eve
       cache database file used for testing, and recreates it 
       if necessary.

0.5    MAJOR UPDATE : 24 Jul 2008
       This update breaks compatibility with previous versions.
       Lots has been reworked; even more added.

       * Object model redone (NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE)
       * Windows support (tests pass? ship it!)
       * Fix "Invalid characterID. (105)" for EVE accounts with
         a single character attached to them
       * Applied Larry Gilbert's patch to sort out my dubious
         whitespacing practices (oops, mea culpa)
       * Corporate wallet balances now accessible
       * Error reporting now actually reports errors
       * Numerous bug fixes
       * More logical in_training method
       * Better example scripts
       * Single/Multiple characters per-account now work
       * Corporation membership list

       The documentation remains shonky. Please help.

       I use the example scripts a lot. They will give you a
       much better idea of how this stuff works than the
       current documentation, I promise.
       Planned for 1.0:
       * Killlog.xml.aspx
       * MarketOrders.xml.aspx
       * MemberTracking.xml.aspx
       * map/Jumps.xml.aspx
       * map/Kills.xml.aspx
       * /map/Sovereignty.xml.aspx

0.04    19 Dec 2007 / 19:00 GMT
        Yikes. Some of the core documentation bears very little
        relation to how things actually work now. Oops.

        Caching now doesn't store errors resulting from the
        Eve API. An additional parameter (user id) is now stored
        as part of the cache_key, preventing a situation whereby
        the wrong data is returned if you switch API keys (this
        only affected returning character data tied to an API
        key, but now we do this pervasively).

        If EVE_API_KEY and EVE_USER_ID are set in the environment,
        they are used in lieu of passed-down values. This has
        proved surprisingly handy in development (for writing one-
        liner tests), so I've decided to include it as a supported
        feature (at least for now :-) ).

        A publically available subversion repository for this
        code has been set up here: 

0.03    18 Dec 2007 / 21:00 GMT
        Lots of restructuring, with particular attention paid to
        making the interface a lot more consistent. Slowly moving
        the old-style hashref-based datastructures into
        class-based accessors (with hashref methods added if this
        is desired).

        This release breaks compatability with the first release,
        but should provide a firmer basis on which to proceed.

        Transaction history has been added, as well as the
        beginnings of support for the other parts of the API.

        Caching is now more finely grained, which is particularly
        important when it comes to wallet functions, which can
        only be requested once per hour (otherwise generates an
        API error).

        EVE API check has been updated from Version 1 to Version 2
        It is unclear what changes have been made to the API at
        this time.

        Added some example scripts for good measure.

0.02    Dec 2007
        Slight tinkering, which didn't make it into a release
        package but is probably in the svn history somewhere.

        This tinkering lead to 0.03.

0.01    11 Dec 2007 / 17:00 GMT
        First version of WebService::EveOnline.
        There's still some way to go before this is anything like
        complete, but it's a start. :-)

        Nov 2007
        This project started out as a monolithic perl script, which
        should be obvious if you start poking about under the hood
        of the codebase...