Revision history for Perl module WebService::HackerNews

0.05 2016-09-28 NEILB
    - Updated github repo URL as a result of changing my github username

0.04 2014-11-10 NEILB
    - Forgot the blank lines between =item pod commands.
    - Added explicit require for IO::Socket::SSL and dropped a duplicate
      use of HTTP::Tiny (thanks to David Farrell).

0.03 2014-10-13 NEILB
    - Improved the documentation for WebService::HackerNews, and added
      some basic doc for WebService::HackerNews::Item and

0.02 2014-10-10 NEILB
    - Added changed_items_and_users() method, which returns references
      to arrays of changed items and changed users. Changed since when,
      I don't know, and the official API doc doesn't say.
    - The SYNOPSIS was missing a line, which meant it wouldn't work.
    - I'd left "use Data::Dumper" in from while I was hacking.

0.01 2014-10-09 NEILB
    - First lash-up released to CPAN