Revision history for WebService::Idonethis

0.23      2014-01-16 09:59:44 Australia/Melbourne

    * DOCUMENTATION: Typo fixups.

0.22      2013-12-27 21:33:39 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: Allow optional calendar field in ~/.idonethisrc
               (Courtesy @norbu09, GH #15)

    * FEATURE: Logins with email addresses (as well as user-names)
               are now handled. (GH #11)

    * BUGFIX: More robust handling of finding calnedar links.
              We now fall-back to the 'personal' calendar if no
              other links are found.

0.21      2013-12-08 16:09:05 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX: Fix 'link not found' exception on login.
    * BUGFIX: Fix potential memory leak on long running processes.

0.20      2013-10-11 10:46:32 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX: Handle detection of personal calendar page when presented
              with a /home screen. Fixes a 'unexpected URL' error on
              login. (Spotted by @wizonesolutions)

0.19      2013-04-06 16:58:35 Australia/Melbourne

    * OPTIMISE: Keep-alive is set on connections to idonethis
                for faster network operations.

0.18      2013-03-27 15:21:19 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE:  -r with only a single date implies an end of 'now' (GH #13)

0.17      2013-03-22 22:09:14 Australia/Melbourne

    * DOCS:     Links to updated to
    * FEATURE:  WebService::Idonethis now has a get_range() method.
    * FEATURE:  `idone -r` now allows listing from a range of dates.

0.16      2013-03-22 14:16:56 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE:  `idone` supports -V to show version number.
    * FEATURE:  `idone` now always adds trailing args to your done list.

0.15      2013-03-12 19:26:09 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE:  The '-d' switch now supports natural language date
                inputs ('last thursday', '3 days ago', 'tuesday week', etc)
                as well as YYYY-MM-DD format. (GH #9)

0.14      2013-03-12 13:23:25 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX:   Usernames are no longer considered case-sensitive when
                checking to see if our login was successful.
                (Thanks to @vyctryx for the bug report.)

0.13      2013-03-03 16:09:59 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX:   `idone` now supports unicode input (cmdline and STDIN).
    * DEPENDS:   Added dependency on `utf8::all`.

0.12      2013-02-27 15:41:24 Australia/Melbourne

    * INTERNAL: Made the changelog file look nicer.
    * BUGFIX:   Decode HTML entities in done lists.

0.11      2013-02-21 01:40:45 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX: Remove spurious warnings when printing unicode/utf8.
    * TEST:   Added trivial test case for loading module (load.t).

0.10      2013-02-19 02:20:24 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX: Github #5 - Actually give help on --help. Thanks @wizonesolutions.

0.09      2013-02-19 00:38:22 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: Added '-f' switch to `idone` and `idonethis-memories` to specify
    config file.

    * FEATURE: Added `-d` switch to `idone` to allow specification of dates.

    * FEATURE: Added `-h` switch to `idone` to show help.

    * DOCUMENTATION: Lots of new documentation in `idone`.

0.08      2013-02-18 13:52:43 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: Added '-c' switch to idone.
    * FEATURE: Idone now always lists the date it's reading from, or adding to.
    * HINT:    Try `idone -lc` for the best todo cmdline ever.

0.07      2013-02-18 10:57:51 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: The `idone` program now accepts a '-y' switch to allow listing or adding
    to yesterday's done list.

0.06      2013-02-15 13:56:08 Australia/Melbourne

    * INTERNAL: Removed dependencies on MooseX::Method::Signatures. Installing should be
    much easier now.
    * INTERNAL: Main class is now immutable. Execution should be faster now.
    * INTERNAL: Shifted from Moose to Moo, which is much faster and has fewer dependencies.