Revision history for Perl module WebService::Linode

0.29  2019-09-05 01:24:07 EDT
    First update in a while, numerous changes:
      avail.kernels difference in optional arguments:
        + iskvm  - kernelid

      domain_resource.create difference in optional arguments:
        + tag

      domain_resource.update difference in optional arguments:
        + tag

      linode.clone difference in optional arguments:
        - hypervisor

      New method linode.kvmify

      linode_disk.create difference in optional arguments:
        - fromdistributionid  - rootpass  - rootsshkeyS

      nodebalancer_config.create difference in optional arguments:
        + check_passive  + cipher_suite

      nodebalancer_config.update difference in optional arguments:
        + check_passive  + cipher_suite

      Group professionalservices_scope no longer exists.

      New group volume

0.28  2015-05-31 21:45:26 EDT
    - API KVM support:
      - optional hypervisor argument to linode_clone
      - linode_config_create & _update helper_xen deprecated in favor of
        new arg helper_distro
      - optional virt_mode arg to linode_config_create & linode_config_update
    - New method group professionalservices_scope
    - Node balancer health check 'http_body' renamed to 'http' to reflect that
      it now only checks the first 16K of the response

0.27  2015-02-28 23:49:33 EST
    - Big changes but not in functionality.  Import more verbose description
      information for POD via the Linode api.spec method.

0.26  2015-01-06 20:01:46 EST
    - Patch from James Ottinger for image_update method 74816d

0.25  2014-12-10 12:52:40 PST
    - Patch from James Ottinger for additional Linode Images support a89bfc
    - support for network helper in linode_config_create & linode_config_update
      see <>

0.24  2014-10-18 22:43:33 EDT
    - add explicit section to POD for send_queued_requests
    - Add Test::Pod::Coverage to cpanfile for develop

0.23  2014-10-14 16:31:36 EDT
    - Batched API request support by Kevan Benson <>

0.22  2014-07-24 10:13:47 EDT
    - support for the Linode Images service, currently in beta
      see <>

0.21  2014-07-01 13:02:10 EDT
    - new avail_nodebalancers and linode_ip_setrdns methods
    - linode_disk_create now optionaly takes fromdistributionid, isreadonly,
      rootpass, and rootsshkey
    - linode_disk_createfromstackscript now optionally takes rootsshkey
    - paymentterm is now optional for nodebalancer_create

0.20  2014-03-13 11:42:49 EDT
    - support for adding new private and public IPs to a Linode
    - support for swapping/moving an IP between Linodes
    - moar deprecated WebService::Linode::DNS
      - all methods carp
      - most of POD replaced, points to WebService::Linode
    - add LWP to cpanfile for CPANTS

0.19  2014-02-09 00:28:23 EST
    - depend on just LWP::Protocol::https instead of LWP::UserAgent,
      Crypt::SSLeay, & Mozilla::CA, thanks Christopher Meng (cicku)
    - Update FSF mailing address in LICENSE, thanks Christopher Meng (cicku)

0.18  2014-02-04 11:36:24 EST
    - API 2 factor authentication support, see:

0.17  2014-01-24 09:30:48 EST
    - remove deprecated getDomainIDbyName & getDomainResourceIDbyName
    - allow setting API url via ENV var LINODE_API_URL
    - paymentterm is optional for linode.create and linode.clone
    - update examples/ to remove use of deprecated functions

0.16  2014-01-06 09:59:02 EST
    - useragent arg to constructor for custom user agent header

0.15  2013-11-07 12:02:21 EST
    - Treat error code 0 as OK
    - Update to latest API spec:
        - New optional argument for domain_create & domain_update:
        - New optional arguments for nodebalancer_config_create and
            ssl_cert, ssl_key
    - Add deprecation warning when calling getDomainIDbyName &

0.14  2013-10-23 11:04:39 EDT
    - Add Mozilla::CA to dependencies.

0.13  2013-09-28 20:05:23 EDT
    - No functional changes in this release.
    - Update link to Linode API docs
    - Clean up POD a bit, remove required/optional parameter headings when list
      is empty
    - to update older
      change log entries to CPAN::Changes::Spec, thanks @neilbowers

0.12  2013-09-25 14:58:18 EDT
    - Upstream API Changes
        - New methods:
            - Prefixed by account_: estimateinvoice, paybalance, updatecard
            - Prefixed by linode_:  mutate, webconsoletoken
        - New optional args for linode_update:
            - ms_ssh_disabled, ms_ssh_ip, ms_ssh_port, ms_ssh_user
    - Bugfix
        - fix avail_plans requiring optional planid argument
        - verify domain_resource_create and linode_config_create still require
          primary key as avail_plans does in api.spec
    - Dist Creation Changes
        - converted dist creation to milla
        - moved helper scripts to

0.11 2012-02-11
    - fix primary keys marked as required param for domain_resource_create and
      linode_config_create (thanks Peter Stephan)
      - note: not fixed upstream yet output can not be used
        directly currently

0.10 2012-20-08
    - updated API definition from api.spec after Linode fix, closes #79093

0.09 2012-29-07
    - Forgot to bump version number in and
        this is why all my other modules use Dist::Zilla

0.08 2012-29-07
    - new upstream API calls added
        many additions including nodebalancer support
        see for full changes
    - patch from stephon for deprecated (closes rt #71833)

0.07 2012-10-02
    - Correct typo in resourceid argument to domain_resource->list

0.06 1012-12-01
    - Correct reference to module name in docs (closes rt #59535 reported
      by Paul Hansen)
    - Use direct object notation rather than indirect notation
    - new upstream API calls added

0.05 2009-09-14
    - Apikey is no longer a required argument to the base constructor
    - New method in the base class, apikey for specifying or changing apikey
      at times other than construction
    - New method in WebService::Linode, user_getapikey, given a valid Linode
      username and password, returns $data->{api_key}.  Note: you are
      currently still responsible for calling $api->apikey($key) after
      retrieving the key if you wish to use it for subsequent requests.
    - fix WebService::Linode::DNS domainResourceGet when called with domain
      name rather than id. (closes #49452 reported by jtmink1)

0.04 2009-08-10 21:45:49 EDT
    - Update to API version 2.0 -- This is a pretty big change,
      includes support for Linodes now as well as DNS
    - WebService::Linode::DNS is now deprecated but /should/ continue to work.
      changing to WebService::Linode should be straight forward with a few
      method names changed to match the methods with dots replaced
      with under scores.

0.03 2008-12-10
    - Patch from Pat Hennessy to use $response->status_line for error
      message when no JSON found in the response (closes #41328)
    - Include Crypt::SSLeay in Makefile.PL prereqs and note about using
      IO::Socket::SSL instead in the README
    - Fix typo in WebService::Linode::DNS docs

0.02 2008-09-15 20:45:20 EDT
    - Cache last seen pub ip in examples/
    - Fix typo in WebService::Linode::DNS (closes #39311)
    - Add tests that were there and should have caught above but
      were missing from MANIFEST to MANIFEST
    - Add license to Makefile.PL
    - Include gpg signed SIGNATURE file for Module::Signature

0.01 2008-06-17 12:21:55 EDT
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.