0.28 Wednesday 18th January 2012
 - Fix RT #74123
 - Fix RT #69998

0.27 Sunday 31st July 2011
 - include patch to use source and explanation from SOAP output <chimo@chromic.org>
 - small fixes to author tests

0.26 Monday 7th September 2009
 - Suppress and test warning in no XML::XPath installed RT #47960

0.25 Thursday 23rd August 2009
 - change proxy port in test to stop clash with default squid port
 - update columns in detailed output tests run under TST_AUTHOR to match validator change RT #47960

0.24 Monday 25th August 2008
 - fix 06detailed.t which was failing when not run under TEST_AUTHOR :(

0.23 Sunday 24th August 2008
 - add in msgid and explanation methods to Error object partly courtesy of Matt Ryder <mattryder@iinet.net.au>
 - update author tests in line with changes to validator output
 - made soap12 the default output format.
 - added few things to make interface more comaptible with CSS validator module

0.22 Tuesday 28th August 2007
 - Fixed some typos - thanks to William McKee for pointing them out

0.21 Tuesday 7th August 2007
 - updated tests to fix failures when XML::XPath not installed due to
   trying to skip wrong number of tests. 
0.20 Sunday 5th August 2007
 - updated tests to use hardcoded responses where possible
   to stop failures caused by changed error messages
 - full test suite only run if $ENV{'TEST_AUTHOR'} set
 - some internals refactoring to support test changes

0.19 Tuesday 17th April 2007
 - updated t/14warnings.t in line with changed validator error
 - also make test a little less likely to break in future
 - added in examples directory for cpants game related reasons

0.18 Thursday 5th April 2007
 - skip the right number of tests for 03invalid.t
 - make 04bad_validtor.t a bit more robust of can't contact fake validator
 - update 11detailed_soap.t to reflect changes in validator error messages

0.17 Saturday 13th January 2007
 - skip the right number of test of no xpath for 13soap_wrong_format.t

0.16 Saturday 13th January 2007
  - Added in custom user agent support courtesy of Chris Dolan <cdolan@cpan.org>

0.15 Monday 18th December 2006
   - Updated tests so they don't fail if the validator is unreachable

0.14 Saturday 4th November 2006
    - Updated wrong format error tests as non beta validator now supports SOAP
    - Removes non digits from header error count to work round validator bug

0.13 Tuesday 25th April 2006
    - Added in warnings method to use extra info from SOAP output
    - Makes stab at catching incorrect output for detailed methods

0.12 Sunday 5th March 2006
    - added in Proxy support courtesy of Carl Vincent <c.a.vincent@ncl.ac.uk>

0.11 Saturday 25th February 2006
    - added output option and asociated SOAP output support

0.10 Monday 12th September 2005
    - scalar and file tests now skip if no connection
    - fixed typo also from rt.cpan.org #14480

0.09 Wednesday 7th September 2005
    - Added in pod coverage test
    - fixed doc bug -> rt.cpan.org #14480

0.08 Saturday 27th August 2005
    - Fixed broken scalar validation

0.07 Wednesday 17th July 2005
    - Fixed broken test

0.06 Tuesday 16th November 2004
    - Can now validate scalars and local files
    - Updated Makefile to check for Test::Warn

0.05 Tuesday 9th November 2004
    - Actually document the detailed option :(
    - Fix a few bugs in the SYNOPSIS code

0.04 Tuesday 9th November 2004
    - Update docs to say you should enable detailed if using errors method
    - Update errors method to do the right thing if detailed not enabled

0.03 Sunday 9th May 2004
    - Fix to failing test after new validator release

0.02 Tuesday 13th January 2004
    - Some documentation patches and generally tidying up

0.01 Tuesday 15th November 2003
    - Initial release