Revision history for Perl extension Webservice-OVH

0.42 2018-11-22T09:35:38Z

    - Filter construction fixes

0.41 2017-06-14T14:49:42Z

    - Allowed Parameters for activate_free_webhosting

0.4 2017-06-14T14:03:14Z

    - Added Host and service_info changeing method for renewal

0.3 2016-09-06T06:02:12Z

    - New Method for changing service_infos: change_service_infos (domain renewal)
    - Fixes for Parameter check in Mailinglist options, checks no with exists

0.25 2016-08-31T09:08:36Z

    - All relevant input parameter are cleaned from trailing and leading whitespaces
    - Fixed a problem with object creation even if Object is not available on api side

0.24 2016-08-30T14:50:22Z

    - id change ob object not needed. changed

0.23 2016-08-30T09:13:30Z

    - missing module for mailinglists fixed

0.22 2016-08-29T09:18:44Z

    - put JSON in requirements

0.21 2016-08-24T11:44:39Z

    - All Objects call properties on demand not during creation, due to speed issues
    - Task System for email/domain/{domain}/.../tasks redone

0.2 2016-08-22T10:26:11Z

    - Deleted DDP dependency

0.1 2016-08-18T09:14:15Z

    - original version