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Revision history for Wetware-Test

0.07    2009.05.11 1540h

		Add in Wetware::Test::Class::Load to avoid any of the
		CVS and .svn sub directories that would be copied into blib/lib
		by the stock Module::Build solution.
0.06    2009.05.09 0920
		add readable_file_path() since that is useful both for
		the methods that will call is_testsuite_module() but also
		for testability. 

0.05    2009.05.08 1515h
		Add the Wetware::Test::Utilities Module

0.04    2009.05.07 14.33h
		Why not have the test_new() in the base class?

0.03 	2009.05.07 10.00h
		Why yes, there is a is_test_class() method that can be
		overridden, AND we just mandate a TestSuite.pm approach.

0.02    2009.05.06
         work on the basic pod to try to explain the process.

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.