Revision history for Win32::App::which.

1.030   2015-04-18  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Fix which.cmd on Win64 where PATH contains "C:\Program Files (x86)\"
	  and the ')' breaks shell code.

1.022   2013-10-05  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Fix POD for Kwalitee (due to stricter checks by Pod::Simple).
	Fix minimum Perl version to 5.8 for consistency with the Build.PL

1.021   2011-11-14  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Fix POD tests for Kwalitee.
	Specifiy a minimum Perl version (5.6) for Kwalitee, but in fact, no
	  perl at all is required for runtime.

1.02    2011-11-04  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
	Add metadata about the public repository.
	Mostly a dummy release just to raise Kwalitee for the CPANTS game:
	- add README
	- add fake t/91-pod-coverage.t (useless for this non-perl module)
	- make t/90-pod.t run only on release testing (anyway we use M::B's
	  built-in "testpod" command)
	- add strictures and perl version requirement to the dummy module

1.01    2011-03-28  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
        Refactoring leading to huge (x8) speed improvement.

1.00    2011-03-21  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
        Completely rewrote which.cmd to fix major issues:
        - show multiple files only with '-a'
        - file list was not ordered according to PATH in case of multiple
          matches in one directory
        - add '--'
        - add support for '-a'
	Add 'which.pod' for documentation.
        Note that license is GNU GPL 3.0 or later, but some Module::Build bugs
          block from specifying it in META.json.

0.01    2011-03-13  Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN)
        Initial release based on my "which.cmd" already posted at