Revision history for Win32-Env

0.03	2006-10-13
	- Added InsertPathEnv() - functions that simplifies one of common
	  tasks while working with environment variables: inserting new
	  paths in variables like PATH or PERL5LIB. (Checks for this function
	  added to error-handling-arguments.t as well).
	- SetEnv() now returns value indicating success or failure.

0.02    2006-10-06
	- Removed "print"s accidentally forgotten in BroadcastEnv().
	- Switch GetEnv()/SetEnv() to object interface to Win32::TieRegistry
          from tied hash. That way there will be no problems with symbols
          that are registry delimiters in variable names.
        - Added ListEnv() and DelEnv().
        - Improved documentation.
	- Added checks to ensure that variable name passed to functions
          is defined and non-empty.
        - Added error-handling-arguments.t - tests to check that functions
          properly complain about lack of or bad arguments.
0.01    2006-10-05
        - SetEnv(), GetEnv(), BroadcastEnv(). Only first argument is checked for