0.38 -> 0.39
Added Perl Journal Article.

0.37 -> 0.38
Updated to work with Win32::GUI 1.05.
Import specific constants.
Convert GUI:: to Win32::GUI::.
Some minor fixes.

0.36 -> 0.37
New element WGXPanel.
Inrtuction of substitution variable %P%.
fix seperator typo in menus.xml sample.
added wgxpanel_wizard.xml example.
fixed separator typo in Schema.
added aplication_template.xml sample.
rewrite of sample.

0.35 -> 0.36
Remove unnecessary maxsize attribute from ImageList element.
Fixed bug in systray.xml, NotifyIcon icon now shows.
Menu replaced with MakeMenu.
Non-Item children in MakeMenu elements are ignored.
New element WGXMenu introduced.
XML Schema for WGX introduced.

0.34 -> 0.35
Allow _Generic Widgets to have children.
 Thus top level widgets as children have children.
Fix: replay auto dim value to widget option on creation.
Add Resize event to top level wigets as childern.
Fix: PostExec(WGXPost) not evaled twice on each parse.
Allow 'show' attribute to accept '$self' or 'exec:' values.
PostExec/PreExec replaced with WGXPost/WGXExec resp.
New element WGXExec introduced. now explicity destroys previous GUI if exists. now has a reload function.
Use inline bitmap to hold default WGX icon.
Check StatusBar is defined before fetching height in examples.

0.33 -> 0.34
Fixed doc error SplitterPair -> WGXSplitter.
Replace internal _context_ var with getParent func.
 Thus removed need for _resize_ internal var.
Now allows top level widgets as children, see modal2.xml example.
Default dimensions to parent if parent a top level.

0.32 -> 0.33
Implemented TabStrip (TabFrame now deprecated, please update your progs!)
Internal rewrite to allow for special new elements.
 Builtin Resize/Move now use Width/Height/Left/Top.
 Implement getParent to discover correct top-level widgets.
Added WGXSplitter element.

0.31 -> 0.32
Fix print to STDERR in Rebar bug.
Remove errors on insertItems subs.
Use pushstyles instead of style.
Fix bug where LRs Grid|DIBitmap|AxWindow|Scintilla modules break
 since they use parent attribute.

0.30 -> 0.31
Support DialogBox, MDI, Timer, Accelerator widgets/objects.
Fixed bug in _Generic constructors parent attribute (also fixes systray.xml example).
Complete support for most widgets except those listed in TODO.
Rebar - push non-Band attributes into child Window class (now can have colored bands!)

0.21 -> 0.30
Moved to OO framework. No longer fixed global variable %GUI.
Added checkbox framework  to Menu Items.
Added NEM events.
Standardized MakeMenu Item elements.
'show' attribute now defaults to '1'.
lots more!