0.04    2015-11-17
        * Bumped version of Win32::Netsh
        * In Win32::Netsh::Interface, corrected problem when calling 
          interface_info_all() on Windows XP
0.03    2015-11-17
        * In Win32::Netsh:
          + Added netsh_context_found() to determine if a context is supported
            on the system
        * Updated Win32::Netsh::Wlan tests skip all tests if the wlan context
          was not supported.
0.02    2015-11-16
        * In Win32::Netsh:
          + Added netsh_path() to allow setting an alternative path to the
            netsh command
          + Added can_netsh() to determine if the netsh command can be located
            and run successfully
        * In Win32::Netsh::Wlan:
          + In wlan_profile_info() and wlan_profile_info_all(), the ssid key
            is now an array reference to a list of ssid strings to allow
            support for profiles with more than one SSID defined
          + Added wlan_connect() and wlan_disconnect()
        * Updated Win32::Netsh::Wlan tests to add and delete test profiles

0.01    2015-11-12
        * Initial release of 0.01