Revision history for Perl extension Win32::ProcFarm

2.15  Fri Jan  9 2004
      -	Added parens to my line in to eliminate warning.

2.14  Wed Jan  7 2004
      -	Added support for using an executable (i.e. PerlApp
	based) for the child processes.
      -	Migrated Win32 directory into lib and updated Manifest and

2.13  Fri Jan 11 15:00:00 2002
      -	Discovered and fixed a very nasty bug related to my
	fixes for the Win32::GetTickCount() wrap-around bugs.
	I was initializing the next_list_check and
	next_exit_check fields with 0, which meant that if the
	current Win32::GetTickCount() value was > 2^31, it
	would be a very long time before those checks were run!
      -	Added support for adding more threads to a pool at
	runtime.  No support exists for reducing the size of a
      -	Doing the above require minor edits to the Port object
	to support dealing with limited listeners.  The code
	to add threads was modified to support parallelization
	through a limited number of listeners.
      -	Fixed typo bug relating to result_sub
      -	Extended result_sub to normal pools
      -	Added support for limiting the rate at which jobs execute
      -	Set things up so that the order jobs are listed in waiting_pool
	matches the order in which they will execute.
      -	Update sample to use result_sub
      -	Patched bug in that manifested under 5.005.
	Guess what?  2**32 == 0!  Thanks for finding this one go
	to Sam Crosby.
      -	Updated and extended the samples.
      -	Added a few extra hints to Docs/tutorial.pod.

2.12  Wed Jun 26 11:00:00 2001
      -	Removed directories from MANIFEST
      -	Fixed various Win32::GetTickCount() wrap-around bugs

2.11  Wed Feb 14 12:01:00 2001
      -	Updated README file to be based on Docs/overview.pod

2.10  Wed Feb 14 12:00:00 2001
      -	Added Win32::ProcFarm::PerpetualPool
      -	Lots of bugs cleaned up
      -	Rearchitected Win32::ProcFarm::Pool to make subclassing easier
	(factored the code more completely)
      -	Modified Win32::ProcFarm::TkPool to reflect the rearchitecture
      -	Even more bugs cleaned up

2.00  Tue Aug  1 12:00:00 2000
      -	first to-be-but-never-CPANed release in Win32::ProcFarm namespace