Revision history for Perl extension Win32::Process::Perf.

1.05 Nov. 2006
	  Added language files for cz and cs.
1.04 	Added SIGNATURE  

1.03 Feb. 2006
	  Changed PAddCounter to use also the machine name. 
	  For some reasons to collect data from remote machines
	  it is neccessary to have it also in the counter path
1.02 Feb. 2006
	  Added function PGetPid, returns the PID of the process.

1.01 July 2005
	  removed sddl.h from the XS source, because it is not needed.	  
1.00  April 2005
	  Added PGetUserName, retrives the user name for the given process
	  Changed handling for cpu time. It is now an additional function

0.03  Sat Sept 25 2004
		Changed PREREQ_PM and to use the environmet variable COMPUTERNAME.
		Added en-gb.dat for UK
		Shall now the final release

0.02  Sun Sept 19 2004
        Added support for cpu time, changes to the documentation

0.01  Tue Aug 31 2004
		First Release by Reinhard Pagitsch