Revision history for Win32-SDDL

0.07 June 14, 2016

	* New maintainer (HYDAHY). Clean-up release to address some Kwalitee and
	  PerlCritic requirements. Moved to Dist::Zilla for packaging.

0.06 August 17, 2006

	* I screwed up the last distro, so this is mostly the same as the last one, 
	  only it actually works.

0.05	August 16, 2006

	* Removed inheritance to Win32::SDDL, since it only needed it for the 
	  _translateSID method. I'll reconsider whether inheritance is important 
          later if I decide to add more methods to the Win32::SDDL::ACE objects
	* Added requirement for Win32::OLE to distro.

0.04	August 14, 2006

	* Added sample script

0.02	August 13, 2006

        * Added Win32::SDDL::ACE package and fixed bugs with the constants

0.02 July 20, 2006 

	* Fixed various documentation problems.  This is the first draft of the module 
          for CPAN.