Revision history for Perl extension Win32::Security

0.50  Sat Mar 20 2004
  - Moved to using Build.PL (i.e. Module::Build).
  - Moved utility scripts into script dir so they will install to Perl/bin
  - Used subclassing in Build.PL to avoid turning them into BAT files
  - Added package lines to (ACE|ACL|NamedObject|Recursor).pm to get them to
    show up in META.yml
  - Changed .t files to PC line endings
  - Added support to ACTION_distdir in Build.PL to turn off extended tests
  - Overrode make_tarball in Build.PL to avoid Archive::Tar (which is broken)
    and use tar and gzip from the command line.  I will remove this when
    a default install of Archive::Tar and Module::Build under ActivePerl
    does not result in a flat tar file!
  - Fixes to error_.* calls in W::S::Recursor::SE_FILE_OBJECT::PermDump
  - Added PPM support to Build.PL
  - Removed dacl_noprop from because of an obscure bug involving
    inheritance blocking preventing a subsequent dacl update from rippling
    the updates.
  - Added test for and fixed bug involving standalone -b passed to

0.28  Sat Mar 13 2004
  - Fixed owner code in Win32::Security::Recursor::SE_FILE_OBJECT::PermDump
  - Looked over and tidied up some typos in the docs
  - Added CI, OI, IO, etc. flag aliases to Win32::Security::ACE
  - Got working (albeit without owner support)
  - Developed the first real test suites - extended.t and scripts.t
  - Tore up and rewrote huge chunks of the inheritance checking code as a
    result of the above.  The black box that implements permission
    inheritance is a wiley adversary to understand.
  - Decided to release with and in beta.

0.27  Mon Jan 19 2004
  - Flattened Recursor into a queue based loop - no more proper recursion
  - Updated to function.
  - Decided to release without and, which are both
    still under development and in testing.
  - Moved Win32 into lib directory and updated MANIFEST and Makefile.PL

0.26  ??? Dec ?? 2003
  - Delayed due to flood in downstairs of house.  Highly recommend that
    people check and replace their washing machine hoses on a regular
    basis.  Stainless steel braid jacketed ones are worth it.
  - Another Recursor refactoring

0.25  ??? Nov ?? 2003
  - I really need to spend the time on this and release it
  - aclRevision is now largely gone (replaced by routines that DWIW)
  - Recursor refactoring

0.24  ??? Oct ?? 2003
  - Implementation of mutable objects via proper
    flyweight pattern
  - Addition of SE_REGISTRY_KEY support
  - Clean-up of mutability support

0.23  ??? Sep 20 2003
  - Fifth almost:) CPANed release
  - Implementation of multiple-inheritance via C::P

0.22  ??? Sep 10 2003
  - Fourth almost:) CPANed release
  - becomes a reality

0.21  Wed Sep 3 2003
  - Third almost:) CPANed release
  - ACEs are now subclassed on AceType and fake subclassed on objectType
  - becomes

0.20  Sat Aug 30 2003
  - second almost:) CPANed release
  - ACEs are now first-class objects
  - Lots of bug fixes resulting from that

0.10  Tue Aug 26 2003
  - first almost:) CPANed release