Revision history for Perl extension Win32API::File.

0.1203 = 0.1202_01  2016-03-12
0.1202_01 by Alexandr Ciornii 2016-02-26
        - ExtUtils::Myconst2perl moved to to inc/
        - tie.t will use Test::More
        - handle return value of OsFHandleOpenFd() correctly in OsFHandleOpen() (Tony Cook)
          This error caused problems in IPC::Run on perl 5.22
        - use Appveyor to test

0.1202 by Alexandr Ciornii 2015-01-28
        - Typo fix by David Steinbrunner
        - Fix build in C++ mode by Daniel Dragan/Steve Hay

0.1201 by Alexandr Ciornii 2013-01-28
        - Fix tests on Cygwin (RURBAN)
        - Constants for GetStdHandle and SetStdHandle

0.1200 by Alexandr Ciornii 2011-07-01
        - Spelling fixes by Peter John Acklam
        - Upgraded Makefile.PL
        - Don't bother checking $[

0.1101_01 by Alexandr Ciornii 2011-02-26
        - More metadata in META.yml
        - [Set|Get]StdHandle functions added (Chris 'BinGOs' Williams)

0.1101 by Alexandr Ciornii 2008-11-17
        - require (not core on Cygwin 5.8.8)
        - file.t uses only if necessary

0.1100 by Alexandr Ciornii 2008-11-08
        - license in Makefile.PL and README

0.1001_02 by Alexandr Ciornii 2008-11-01
        - list of changes from perl 5.10
        - adaptation of core perl changes for CPAN
        - ExtUtils::Myconst2perl hidden from indexing
        - pod.t
        - better Makefile.PL

0.1001_01 (perl 5.10)
        - tests adapted for core
        - file.t moved from string checking to error code check
        - file.t uses File::Spec->tmpdir()
        - require Math::BigInt only if not in 64-bit mode
        - remove indirect object notation in
        - "Exterminate PL_na" by Nicholas Clark

0.1001 2006-07-02 14:04
	- Minor doc tweak, release as standalone for sychronization with
	  version in bleadperl (future 5.10)

0.10 2005-09-09
	- Added GetFileAttributes() function and corresponding constants.
	  (Patches from Kenneth Olwing from 2004-11-12).
	- cygwin patches from Rafael Kitover and Reini Urban.
	  This includes the addition of the GetFileSize(), getFileSize()
	  setFilePointer() and GetOverlappedResult() methods and the
	  experimental new object oriented interface.  All file position
	  operations use either Math::BigInt objects or 8 byte integers
	  (cygwin) for file offsets.

0.0901 2005-08-30
	- increased version number to show difference to standalone
	  CPAN release of

0.09 2005-02-18
        - Support 5.007+

0.09 [libwin32 version only]
	- Add AUTHOR and ABSTRACT_FROM to Makefile.PL.
	- Trivial speed improvements.
	- Fixed F<> if Z: is a valid drive letter.

0.08 2000-04-07
	- C<GetOsFHandle> now returns false for failure.
	- New F<buffers.h> supports C++ compilers.
	- Read-only output-only parameters now generate an error.
	- Added fileLastError() since C<$^E> is often quickly overwritten.
	- Complete rewrite of how C constants are made available in Perl.
	- Added fileConstant(), a nice way to look-up constants at run time.
	- Added Get/SetHandleInformation and HANDLE_FLAG_* constants.
	- Added IOCTL_DISK_GET_MEDIA_TYPES since *_STORAGE_* fails for floppy.
	- Added several example scripts.

0.07 1999-08-17
	- Added DeleteFile().
	- Removed prototypes from OsFHandleOpen() and GetOsFHandle() since
	  the C<*> doesn't prevent warnings about bareword file handles and
	  prevents the useful usage message if no arguments given.
	- Fixed bug due to failed C<(/k/i,/t/i)> in list context returning
	  C<()> not C<(undef,undef)> in modern versions of Perl.
	- Change order of C<#include>s so can build with Perl5.005 and later.
	- Fixed C<> to ignore Perl bug where C<$^E> is truncated.
	- Turned on C<CAPI> in C<Makefile.PL> for certain versions of Perl.
	- Updated C<README>.

0.06 1999-08-10
	- Switch to new buffers.h and "Hungarian" notation!
	- Added full documentation!
	- ReadFile() no longer tries to read more bytes than asked for
	  just because the scalar buffer can hold more bytes!
	- createFile() does better DWIM for share mode.
	- Return SV_NO rather than C<0> for Boolean false.
	- For boolean args, non-empty strings are C<1>, don't convert to int.
	- Added ":MEDIA_TYPE" export class.
	- Added C<GENERIC_ALL> and C<GENERIC_EXECUTE> to ":GENERIC_" exports.
	- Added C<FdGetOsFHandle()> and C<GetOsFHandle()>!
	- Added C<OsFHandleOpenFd()> and C<OsFHandleOpen()>!
	- Support calling C<constant()> without the useless integer argument.
	- Auto-load/export constants with C<()> prototype so can be in-lined.
	- Added C<IsRecognizedPartition()> and C<IsContainerPartition()>.
	- Added C<getLogicalDrives()>.
	- Added ":FILE_" export class for specific types of access to files.
	- Added C<SECURITY_SQOS_PRESENT> to ":SECURITY_" export class.
	- Added ":PARTITION_" export class for partition types.
	- Seriously bulked up the test suite.

0.05 1998-08-21
	- "-w" no longer warns that a buffer size of "=99" "isn't numeric".
	  nor if pass undef var for buffer size or output-only parameter.
	- Added SetErrorMode() and :SEM_.
	- createFile() sharing now defaults to "rw" to match C RTL.
	- createFile() was ignoring "r" and "w" in access masks.

0.04 1998-08-13
	- Added GetLogicalDrives and GetLogicalDriveStrings.
	- Added GetDriveType and GetVolumeInformation.
	- Added DRIVE_* for GetDriveType().
	- Added FS_* for GetVolumeInformation().
	- Added createFile(), getLogicalDrives(), and attrLetsToBits() helpers.
	- CreateFile() returns:  INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE->false, 0->"0 but true".
	- More standardized "Hungarian" notation and uses buffers.h.
	- Large unsigned values no longer made negative.

0.03 1998-04-25
	- Added DDD_* constants to and moved codes mistakenly
	  exported for :DDD_ to be exported for :Misc.
	- Split large group of constants to increase efficiency.
	- Minor cosmetic fixes.

0.02 1998-03-03
	- Added DeviceIoControl().
	- Added some IOCTL_STORAGE_* and IOCTL_DISK_* constants
	- Taught to verify all exported functions and constants.

0.01 1997-12-08
	- original version; based on Win32API::Registry.
	- release to partner