Revision history for Perl extension Win32API::Net

0.18    Oct 21 2014
        - Change remaining resumeHandle to DWORD_PTR

0.17	Dec 6 2013
	- Fix required perl version 5.6 -> 5.006.
	- Add Github repo link to META.yml
	- Typo fixes by David Steinbrunner

0.16	Jan 07 2011
        - Don't redefine USER_INFO_4 etc because some versions of the
	  MinGW headers do define the new structures, but don't include
	  any of the new preprocessor constants, so there is no way to
	  check for this at compiletime.  Instead we'll always use our
	  own inlined definitions using a custom name.

0.15	Jan 06 2011
	- Remove lvalue casts to restore compatibility with GCC 4.x. [rt#58537]

0.14	May 06 2010
	- The 0.13 tarball was rejected by PAUSE because it contained
	  world writable files/directories.

0.13	May 06 2010
	- Add support for USER_INFO_4, USER_INFO_21, USER_INFO_22,
	  USER_INFO_23 and GROUP_INFO_3 for better usability on
	  Windows XP or higher (Jens Rehsack)

0.12    Apr 16 2008
	- version 0.12 for separate upload to CPAN
	- simplified Makefile.PL
	- added META.yml and ppport.h
	- More fixes for Win64 compatibility

0.11	Dec 08 2005
	- Use WMI to determine Administrators and Guests group names
	  in the test because the enumeration sequence failed on Win2003.
	- Fix Win64 compatibility problems (resumehandles are pointers,
	  not DWORDs, so they are 8 bytes on Win64)

0.10	Sep 09 2005
	- Fix tests to work on non-English Windows versions (Reini Urban).
	- cygwin compatibility changes.

0.09	Tue Sep 05 2000
	- fixed yet another memory leak pointed out again by Eamon Doyle.
	  Macro HV_STORE_AV used newRV_inc instead of newRV_noinc
	- Corrected minor typo in documentation

0.081   Mon May 22 20:38:11 2000
        - support for building under Perl v5.6.0.
	- fixed a leak due to improper freeing in UserGetInfo()
	  (thanks to Eamon Doyle <>)

0.08	Thu Sep  24th 1999
	- Changed logic relating to passing empty strings in as values
	  in input hashes. The old behaviour turned such strings into
	  NULL pointers. The API treats NULL pointers as an indication
	  to not change the stored value for that field.  Now fields
	  with empty strings pass an empty string to the underlying API
	  structure correctly (enabling a field to be clear fields
	  e.g. logonScript).  To pass a NULL pointer to the underlying
	  API, the field must now be set to undef.  NOTE: THIS IS AN

0.07	Thu Jul  1st 1999
	- Added USER_BAD_PW_COUNT_PARMNUM to User export tag
	  Changed incorrect spelling of UF_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD
	  (both errors reported by Eamon Doyle <>)

0.06	Tue Jun 22nd 1999
	- Changed all occurances of 'na' to 'pl_na'
	- Fixed bug in UserGetLocalGroups that was only apparent when trying
	  to use LG_INCLUDE_INDIRECT() as the optional forth argument

0.05	Thu Feb  4th 1999
	- Fixed bug in GroupGetInfo
	- Added support for level 2 in GroupGetInfo

0.04	Sun Sep 14th 1998
	- use Perl's malloc API instead of calloc/free
	- eliminate hardcoded module names in messages etc
	- minor formatting fixes
	- convert HTML doc to POD, but distribute original (better) HTML
	- eliminate use of file statics

0.03	Sun Sep 13th 1998
	- changed EXPORT lists to be something sane (EXPORT is null list,
	  EXPORT_TAGS has tags for each function group (User, Group etc) and
	  EXPORT_OK is join of EXPORT_TAGS entries)
	- Changed name of GetPDC to GetDCName to bring it in line with MS
	  function NetGetDCName()
	- Updated documentation and test script
0.02    Thu Sep 10th 1998
	- second version - renamed as Win32API::Net
	- fixed indentation in Net.xs to be in Perl Sytle
	- Removed GetLastError() function - now availble as Win32::GetLastError
	  and $^E (if you're running 5.005+)

0.01    Sun Apr 19th
	- first version - named Win32::AccNT