Revision history for Perl extension Win32API::Registry.

0.33:  2015-04-04
       - Fixed RT#37750 - RegQueryValueEx can cause perl to crash (
       - Fixed test 21 for Windows with locale other than English or Russian

0.32_01: 2015-02-16
       - Fix RT#77440
       - Fixed test 21 for Russian Windows
       - tests moved to t/

0.32:  2010-04-29
       - Undo changes to move to Module::Build until I have more time to 
         work out how I broke things.

0.31:  2009-09-15
       - Fix pod error.

0.30_01:  2009-09-15
       - Include LICENSE file.  License for Win32API::Registry is same as what 
         it is for Perl: Dual GPL v1 or higher and Artistic License. 
       - Move to using Module::Build so that META.yml is generated correctly.
       - Reorganised files in archive to be a more modern layout mostly to make 
         moving to Module::Build easier.

0.30:  2008-05-22
       - Patch applied RT#35390: Win64 compatibility from 
         JDB <JDB [...]>
       - Patch reinstates the ok output for commented test until I refresh 
         the tests to use Test::More.
       - Patch fixes issues with win64 alignment changes.
       - Patch adds appropriate casts to eliminate compiler warnings.

0.29:  2008-04-11
       - Fix missing seperator in Makefile error when using GNU Make by 
         applying the patch from Reini Urban <> RT#31849.
       - Remove parameter from Makefile.PL that Makemaker no longer 
         understands (EXTRA_META).

0.28:  2007-01-27
       - Fix no_index: according to discussion on 6-Jul-06 
         the correct no_index modifier is directory not dir.
       - Comment out the test that shuts down the computer. 

0.27:  2006-04-04
       - Fix no_index: on the Extutils directory now using the 6.30_01 
         version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

0.26:  2006-04-03
       - Fix no_index: on the Extutils directory.

0.25:  2006-04-03
       - Add no_index to META.yml to prevent indexing of modules under ExtUtils
         directory contained in the distribution. 

0.24:  2006-03-22
       - Allow it to build and install with Vanilla Perl 5.8.8 with mingw 
         gcc 3.4.5 on Windows XP SP2 without warnings.

0.23:  2002-06-11
       - Allow it to build with Perl 5.8 (is that here already?)

0.22:  2000-04-10
       - Add AUTHOR and ABSTRACT_FROM to Makefile.PL [from libwin32].
       - Trivial speed improvements [from libwin32].
       - Other minor fixes [from libwin32].

0.21:  2000-04-07
       - For C<void *vp; UV u>, C<u= U_V(vp)> corrected to C<u= (UV)(vp)>.
       - Makefile no longer tries to rebuild constant definitions.
       - Remove warning and fatal error from C<sub constant>.
       - Added C</*CONSTS_DEFINED*/> to fix "WRITE_PERL=>0,CPLUSPLUS=>1" case.
       - Added C<regConstant()> with better interface than C<constant()>.
       - For C<BOOL> output, return C<PL_sv_no> [or a non-zero integer].
       - For C<BOOL> input, treat C<"yes"> as true instead of as C<0>.
       - Quietly translate C<[]> to C<0> for all integral arguments.
       - C<AllowPriv()> and C<*SystemShutdown()> now set C<regLastError()>.

0.20:  2000-03-20
       - Use ppport.h from Devel::PPPort [C<na> changed to C<PL_na>].
       - Improved how constants are done based on Perl5Porters suggestions
         [Added F<ExtUtils/Myconst2perl>, eventually to be part of MakeMaker].
       - Added SE_* string constants.
       - Disabled AUTOLOAD and the confusing error messages it generates.
       - Replaced C<_alloca()> with C<sv_grow(sv_newmortal(),size)>.
       - Allow support for build environments with no C<VALENTA>/C<VALENTW>.
       - Use new F<buffers.h> which does typecast so can compile using C++.
       - Changed MIN_GROW_SIZE from 8 to 128 so buffer sizes less needed.
       - Update F<README>.
       - Mention C<regLastError()> anywhere C<$^E> is mentioned.
       - Repeat true/false return value documentation for each routine.
       - Handles are now unsigned to match more accurate constant conversions.
       - Fixed F<> to use C<regLastError()> instead of C<$^E>.

0.19:  2000-01-06 (limited release)
       - Total and radical revamp of how constants are done.

0.18:  Unreleased
       - Added regLastError() for when C<$^E> gets overwritten too quickly.

0.17:  1999-07-29
       - Fix failure detection for the misdocumented AdjustTokenPrivileges()
         that would cause AllowPriv() to sometimes return TRUE on failure.
       - Finish new Hungarian notation, including POD documentation.
       - Add prototypes to auto-loaded constants so Perl can optimize them.
       - Fixed typo ("and" changed to "or") in example for RegCloseKey().

0.16:  1999-02-17
       - Update to v1.09 of buffers.h; use new Hungarian notation.
       - Added B<-w> to F<>.
       - Don't warn when an output-only parameter starts out C<undef>.
       - Die if output-only parameter is read-only (but not C<[]>).
       - C<RegSetValueEx[AW](...REG_[EXPAND_]SZ,"val",0)> no longer
         fails trying to modify the read-only C<"val">.

0.15:  1998-09-17
       - Don't treat unsigned types (eg. DWORD) as signed.

0.14:  1998-09-15
       - Enable the C API for PERL_OBJECT builds (VC's cpp has a bug that's
         tickled by buffers.h under PERL_OBJECT, and there are various
         typecasting issues to resolve in the regular PERL_OBJECT build).

0.13:  1998-07-10
       - Added "buffers.h" to standardized how buffer arguments are handled.
       - Declared all return values as C<bool> [not C<LONG>].
       - Minor adjustments to variable names (and Hungarian notation).
       - Allow buffer sizes like C<"=99"> to prevent automatic resizing.
       - Trim or add '\0' to REG*_SZ values but only when buffer size omitted
         [for RegEnumValue*(), RegQueryValueEx*(), and RegSetValueEx*()].
       - POD finished.

0.12:  1997-12-29
       - Add AllowPriv() function so can load and save keys.

0.11:  1997-11-17
       - Don't set $! (Perl patched so $^E is used)
       - Move KEY_NOTIFY to correct block of switch statement.
       - Like sysread():  sv_setpvn(arg,"",0) if !SvOK(arg).
       - Change buffer size behavior because DWORD is unsigned.
       - Allow caller to omit all buffer size arguments.
       - Don't try to overwrite read-only buffer size arguments.

0.10:  1997-10-29
       - First release (alpha)

0.01:  1997-10-20
       - original version; created by h2xs 1.18