Revision history for Wx-Scintilla

0.39  2012.9.4
    - Build fixes for MSVC on Windows and OSX  (MARKD)
    - Fix 2.9.4 build on Linux (MARKD)
    - Fixes for expanded Config values (MARKD)
    - Removed unused vars from inc/Module/Build/ - build_xs (MARKD)

0.3801 2012.3.26
    - Added MoveSelectedLinesUp and MoveSelectedLinesDown (AZAWAWI)

0.38  2012.3.12
    - Released 0.37_06 as stable 0.38 (AZAWAWI)

0.37_06 2012.3.9
    - Updated Wx::Scintilla::Constant (AZAWAWI)
    - In MacOSX, include CoreFoundation when doing a cocoa build (MARKD)
    - Better determination of wxWidgets architectures (MARKD)
    - Fix for Lion users who recently upgraded to Xcode 4.3 (MARKD)

0.37_05 2012.3.8
    - Wrap STC specific implementations of LineUp / LineDown. This should move
      the caret one line up or down (MARKD).
    - Updated to Scintilla 3.0.4 (AZAWAWI):
        - ECL lexer added.
        - CPP lexer fixes styling after document comment keywords.
        - Pascal folder improves handling of some constructs.
        - XML lexer avoids entering a bad mode due to complex preprocessor
        - Duplicate command is always remembered as a distinct command for undo.
        - Fix bug where setting an indicator for the whole document would fail.
        - Crash fixed for SCI_MOVESELECTEDLINESDOWN with empty vertical
        - Fractional widths used for line numbers, character markers and other
        - RGBA markers are drawn centred when taller than line.
        - Image marker drawing problem fixed for markers taller than line.
        - Markers are drawn horizontally off-centre based on margin type instead
          of dimensions.
        - Fold tail markers drawn vertically centred.
        - Fixed problems with multiple clicks in margin and with mouse actions
          combined with virtual space.
        - Fixed bug with using page up and down and not returning to original
        - Down arrow with wrapped text no longer skips lines.
        - Fix problem with dwell ending immediately due to word wrap.
        - Wrapped lines are rewrapped more consistently while resizing window.
        - Selected line ends are highlighted more consistently.
        - Redrawing reduced for some marker calls.
    - No more CPAN indexing of inc directory (AZAWAWI)

0.37_04 2012.2.6
    - Fixed linking issue with 0.37_03 (AZAWAWI)

0.37_03 2012.2.6
    - Minor update to Wx::Scintilla::Constant (AZAWAWI)

0.37_02 2012.2.6
    - Updated to Scintilla 3.0.3 (AZAWAWI):
        - Scintilla 3.0.3 is a minor bug fix release.
        - Fractional character positioning was extended to more areas.
        - Lexers were added for the AviSynth and Take Command
                  languages and the CSS lexer was extended to support SCSS.

0.37_01 2011.12.22
    - Updated wx-scintilla\src\scintilla\README.txt to
      fix packaging issues (AZAWAWI)

0.36 2011.12.21
    - Released 0.33_05 as stable 0.36 (AZAWAWI)

0.35_05 2011.12.11
    - Upgraded to Scintilla 3.0.2 (AZAWAWI)

0.35_04 2011.11.14
    - Fix SurfaceImpl::Polygon drawing bug that caused some markers to not be
      drawn at all. This was introduced in 0.35_01 (AZAWAWI)

0.35_03 2011.11.13
    - Updated Scintilla to 3.0.1 pre-release (AZAWAWI). Relevant changes are:
        - Highlight "else" as a keyword for TCL in the same way as other
        - Ensure pixmaps allocated before painting as there was a crash
          when Scintilla drew without common initialisation calls.

0.35_02 2011.11.3
    - Fixed bold font bug reported by Kevin Dawson [BOWTIE] (AZAWAWI)

0.35_01 2011.11.2
    - Wx::ScintillaTextCtrl -> Wx::Scintilla::TextCtrl in tools/ (AZAWAWI)
    - Upgrade to Scintilla 3.0 (AZAWAWI). The following are the related changes:
        - Paletted display support removed.
        - New API to see if all lines are visible which can be used to
          optimize processing fold structure notifications.
        - Scrolling optimized by avoiding invalidation of fold margin when
          redrawing whole window.
        - Optimized SCI_MARKERNEXT.
        - C++ lexer supports Pike hash quoted strings when turned on with
        - Fixed incorrect line height with annotations in wrapped mode when
          there are multiple views. Bug #3388159.
        - Calltips may be displayed above the text as well as below.
          Bug #3410830.

0.34 2011.11.2
    - Released 0.33_03 as stable 0.34 (AZAWAWI)

0.33_03 2011.11.2
    Fixed 0.33_02 regressions regarding Wx constants support (AZAWAWI)

0.33_02 2011.11.2
    ** BAD RELEASE **
    - Removed wxSTC_CMD_ internal constants and CmdKeyExecute method (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed unused st_constants.cpp (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed tests, tools and SYNOPSIS to fully use Wx::Scintilla constants

0.33_01 2011.11.2
    - Moved Wx::ScintillaTextCtrl to Wx::Scintilla::TextCtrl (ADAMK)
    - Moved Wx::ScintillaTextEvent to Wx::Scintilla::TextEvent (ADAMK)
    - Moved Wx::Event::EVT_STC_XXXXXX to Wx::Scintilla::EVT_XXXXXX (ADAMK)
    - Generate Wx::Scintilla::Constant that contains the same
      Scintilla constant names along with their POD documentation from
      Scintilla.iface (AZAWAWI)
    - Add $VERSION to all modules (ADAMK)
    - Add use 5.008 to all modules (ADAMK)
    - Added 'Meta: no_index' for 'tools', 'cpp' and 'wx-scintilla'
      directories (DOLMEN)

0.32 2011.10.11
    - Released 0.31_02 as stable 0.32 (AZAWAWI)

0.31_02 2011.10.11
    - Wx::Scintilla contains now Wx::wxSTC_XYZ as Wx::Scintilla::XYZ constants 

0.31_01 2011.10.9
    - Fix ticket:1341 'Wx-Scintilla build fails on wxWidgets 2.8.10' (MARKD)

0.30 2011.9.18
    - Released 0.29_03 as stable 0.30 (AZAWAWI)

0.29_03 2011.9.17
    - Updated to Scintilla 2.29 released on 16th September 2011 (AZAWAWI):
        - LaTeX lexer improved with more states and fixes to most outstanding
          bugs. Bug #1493111. Bug #1856356. Bug #3081692.
        - Lua lexer updates for Lua 5.2 beta with goto labels and "\z" string
        - Perl string styling highlights interpolated variables.
        - Perl lexer updated for Perl 5.14.0 with 0X and 0B numeric literal
          prefixes, break keyword and "+" supported in subroutine prototypes.
        - Perl bug fixed with CRLF line endings.
        - Markdown lexer fixed to not change state with "_" in middle of word.
        - Mouse pointer changes over selection to an arrow near start when
          scrolled horizontally.
        - Indicators that finish at the end of the document no longer expand
          when text is appended.
        - On Windows, autocompletion lists will scroll instead of document when
          mouse wheel spun.

0.29_02 2011.9.14
    - More missing wxSTC indicator constants: wxSTC_INDIC_DASH,
    - Add missing SetEmptySelection to remove any selection and sets the caret
      at position without scrolling into view (AZAWAWI)

0.29_01 2011.9.11
    - Updated to Scintilla 2.29 prerelease (AZAWAWI)

0.28 2011.9.10
    - Released 0.27_01 as stable 0.28 (AZAWAWI)

0.27_01 2011.9.8
    - Fixed ExtUtils::Parse 3.03_02+ warnings about missing
    'OUTPUT: RETVAL' sections (AZAWAWI)

0.26 2011.9.8
    - Released 0.23_01 as stable 0.24 (AZAWAWI)
    - Fix RT #70662: cpanm Wx::Scintilla fails on Ubuntu Lucid
      by requiring ExtUtils::XSpp 0.1602 (KAARE, AZAWAWI)
    - Drop Makefile.PL generation in Build.PL (AZAWAWI)

0.25_03 2011.9.7
    - Removed stale parsed POD documentation (AZAWAWI)
    - wxSTC_ANNOTATION_BOXED border was not being drawn (AZAWAWI)

0.25_02 2011.9.6
    - Exposed annotations API (AZAWAWI)

0.25_01 2011.8.29
    - Cleaned up the source code from unused SWIG defines (AZAWAWI)
    - Expose Scintilla's modern indicator API (AZAWAWI)

0.24  2011.8.29
    - Released 0.23_01 as stable 0.24 (AZAWAWI)

0.23_01  2011.8.21
    - Updated the string variable interpolation Perl lexer to the latest (KHMAN,

0.22  2011.8.17
    - 0.21_08 is now released as stable 0.22 to the *unsuspecting* world

0.21_08  2011.8.17
    - The following variable interpolation patterns are now
      highlighted correctly (KHMAN, AZAWAWI):
          ${word} @{word} and things like $${word}
          $#{word} @#{word} and things like $#${word}
          ${digit} @{digit}
          $$ and most special variables with operator characters
          $0 to $9 and things like $123
          $^A and other control character special variables

0.21_07  2011.8.16
    - Added variable interpolation for here-docs (KHMAN, AZAWAWI)

0.21_06  2011.8.15
    - Added variable interpolation for:  "" qq{} `` qx{} // m{} qr{} s{}{}
    - Fix build failure on wxWidgets 2.8.10 (MARKD, AZAWAWI)

0.21_05  2011.8.12
    - Integrated Perl variable interpolation patch by Kein-Hong Man
      from Scintilla interest group (KHMAN, AZAWAWI)

0.21_04  2011.8.9
    - The rebirth of the experimental Perl 6 lexer (AZAWAWI)
    - Expose IndicatorSetAlpha, IndicatorGetAlpha, IndicatorSetUnder
      and IndicatorGetUnder (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed a drawing bug for transparent boxed indicators (AZAWAWI,Reported by

0.21_03  2011.8.3
    - Test and install Module::Build actions invoke build first (AZAWAWI)
    - Build or link like make *only* when one of the output files is not
      up to date (AZAWAWI)

0.21_02  2011.8.2
    - Fix OSX compilation error (TOME++)
    - Updated to include the perl 5.10 // scintilla test (AZAWAWI)

0.21_01  2011.8.2
    - Upgraded to Scintilla 2.28 which was released on 1st August 2011 (AZAWAWI)
    - Switched to building Scintilla 2.x by default (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed Scintilla 1.79 support (AZAWAWI)

0.20  2011.8.1
    - The editor doesn't need to be visible to pass tests (ADAMK)
    - Added 'perl Build.PL --stc2' to build experimental Scintilla 2.03
      (AZAWAWI). This is a back port from wxWidgets 2.9.2 development branch for
      wxWidgets 2.8.10+. Please test and let me know if it works for you or not.

0.19  2011.7.4
    - Handle MinGW link to MS style perl5xx.lib (MARKD)

0.18  2011.6.29
    - Reformatted Changes file (AZAWAWI)
    - Fix RT #69176 Unrecognized command line option "-Wno-strict-overflow"

0.17  2011.6.28
    - Wx::Scintilla cannot exist with Wx::STC (MARKD)
    - More simplified user-friendly build logs (AZAWAWI)
    - Less warnings noise while compiling Scintilla on GTK, MSWgcc and OSX

0.16  2011.6.28
    - Show a simplified version of commands and show the actual command when it
      fails or interrupted with Ctrl-C unless perl Build.PL verbose=1 is used
    - Fix RT #69115: Building Wx::Scintilla fails in relocatable perl (AZAWAWI)

0.15  2011.6.21
    - Minor POD fix (AZAWAWI)

0.14  2011.6.21
    - Ubuntu 11.04+ scrolling redraw fix
    - Added initial version of Wx::Scintilla::Manual (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed File::ShareDir lookup as scintilla DLL is now side by side with
      the XS DLL (MARKD)
    - Fixed the bad soname in Linux GTK build (MARKD)
    - Stop linking libperl on non-MSWin32 platforms. Relative -rpath for GTK
      ensures the current scintilla dll is always loaded (MARKD)
    - Removed File::ShareDir dependency (AZAWAWI)

0.13  2011.6.20
    - EVT_SCINTILLA* is now EVT_STC* for backward compatibility with Wx::STC
    - POD updates (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Perl 6 lexer to linked lexers (AZAWAWI)

0.12  2011.6.17
    - Updated POD (AZAWAWI)
    - Don't set global Wx::Event version (MARKD)
    - Pre-build check for GTK development library (MARKD)
    - Static Perl linking fix (MARKD)
    - Totally experimental Perl 6 syntax higlighting that is made only
      for the brave of heart (AZAWAWI)

0.11  2011.6.16
    - OS compatibility patch (Big thanks to Mark Dootson++) (MARKD)
      CentOS 3 32 bit - custom built Perl
      CentOS 5 32/64 bit - custom built Perl
      Fedora 14 32 Bit - system Perl & Wx
      Ubuntu 10/11 32 Bit - system Perl & Wx
      Mac OS X Snow Leopard - 32 bit custom Perl
      Windows XP 32 bit custom Perl & Wx
      Windows Vista 32/64 bit custom Perl & Wx
      Windows 7 64 bit custom Perl & Wx

0.10  2011.6.15
    - Added Makefile.PL support through Module::Build::Compat (AZAWAWI)

0.09  2011.6.13
    - Experimental support 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10 (SZABGAB, AZAWAWI)
    - Defeat the indexer by splitting the package declaration on two lines for
      Wx::Event (MARKD, AZAWAWI)

0.08  2011.6.10
    - Proper ActivePerl + MS VC Compiler support in Wx::Scintilla (AZAWAWI)
    - Updated POD documentation about supported platforms (AZAWAWI)

0.07 2011.6.10
    - Removed the 'OS unsupported' test in Build.PL; i want it to fail on other
      platforms so i can learn more from failures (AZAWAWI)

0.06 2011.6.9
    - Added t/03_editor.t to begin testing Scintilla editor functionality
    - More POD updates (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed Makefile.PL because of weird compilation failures while using it
    - Handled compilation failures and the user's control-c (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed a few Alien::wxWidgets dependencies in Build.PL which causes a lot
      of false UNKNOWNs in CPAN testers reports (AZAWAWI)
    - Reuse Module::Build API to use Config (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed shared library loading problems on Linux by setting runtime link
      paths (AZAWAWI)

0.05  2011.6.8
    - Updated POD documentation (AZAWAWI)
    - Experimental linux gtk support (AZAWAWI)

0.042  2011.6.6
    - Quick version to handle packages with undefined versions

0.04  2011.6.6
    - Better handling of File::ShareDir death (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed XS loader version mismatch bug in Wx::boot by replacing it by
      XSLoader::load (AZAWAWI)
    - File::Sharedir is not used to locate shared libs when the test harness is
      active (AZAWAWI)
    - Updated POD documentation (AZAWAWI)
    - Added a minimal demo Perl editor application in the SYNOPSIS section

0.03  2011.6.6
    - The package version is extracted correctly to prevent test failures 
    - Wx::Event is no longer subclassed to prevent the permission error for now
    - Include the important and missing Scintilla.xs (AZAWAWI)
    - More POD documentation (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed missing dist_abstract warning in Build.PL (AZAWAWI, Reported by

0.02  2011.6.5
    - Attempt to fix the Wx::Event-subclass-upload-permission error (AZAWAWI)

0.01  2011.6.5
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world  (AZAWAWI)