X11::GUITest ($Id: Changes 241 2014-03-16 11:39:42Z ctrondlp $)

This is the list of module changes between revisions.

0.28 Mon Mar 17 2014 07:15

  - Fix RT #75728: X11-GUITest: Build Dependencies: libxt-dev and libxtst-dev

  - Applied RT #88194: Correct minor typo and remove a link dependency

  - Support for RT #69960: GetWindowPid() and GetWindowsFromPid()

  - Fix RT #84053, #93677: With newer Perl (5.14), modules should include $Config{ccflags}
	when also specifying their own

  - Minor updates to file preambles, comments

  - Updated for RT #93668 - Updated license file

  - Updates for RT #93667 - For `make test`, support environments that may have 0 client
    windows (xvfb-run)

  - Various documentation updates
0.27 Wed Feb 05 2013 00:01

  - Move some files to the project root dir.

  - Fix RT #79751: Build on OpenBSD AMD64 failed

  - Add repository and license info

0.26 Sat Feb 02 2013 14:20

  - Replace legacy XKeycodeToKeysym calls

  . Fix typo DOW to DOWN

  - Add supoprt fot AltGr and right Control and Shift

  - Enhanced GetWindowName() to check _NET_WM_NAME for text.

0.25 Sat May 21 2011 09:00

  - Added IsWindowCursor() function to determine if a window
    has the specified cursor.

  - Various recorder enhancements.

  - Added -d (delaythreshold) option to recorder.   Allows for inclusion
    of more/less granular event delays.

  - Added WaitSeconds() function, perhaps a little more intuitive then select.

  - Support for mouse wheel scrolling, using M_DOWN and M_UP

0.24 Sun May 01 2011 16:50

  - Reorganized source code and POD.

  - Updated x11guirecord build to use autotools.

  - Backend support added for internationalization.

  - Alternate document formats is now an optional build step for

0.23 Sun Apr 24 2011 22:30

  - Added support for recording using x11guirecord utility.

  - Updated behavior of QuoteStringForSendKeys function in handling

  - Added alias QSfSK() to QuoteStringForSendKeys() function.

0.22 Thu Jan 06 2011 20:00

  - Example script eg/FindControlVisually.pl added to help demonstrate
    finding controls/widgets on screen using a baseline image.

  - Applied Thorsten H's AltGr keyboard modifier support.  This
    applies to international (German, etc.) languages.

  - Minor compiler warning fix.

  - Skip building/testing if we're in AUTOMATED_TESTING (smoke testing)
	and DISPLAY isn't setup.  Alleviate bogus test reports in this case.

0.21 Sat May 06 2006 10:24

  - Implemented Nelson Caro's patch 1.1 dealing mostly
    with Makefile.PL enhancements concerning older versions
    of Perl.

  - Implemented Nelson Caro's patch 1.2 dealing
    with efficiency improvements, and fault handling.  Also,
    GetWindowPos() now returns the border width of a window.

  - Implemented Nelson Caro's patch 1.3; which improves
    GetWindowFromPoint() in dealing with correct window border
    width.  Also, FindWindowLike now handles invalid windows better.

  - Applied patches cpan #13682(XK_Meta_L fallback) and
    cpan #13684 (StartApp) from Alexey Tourbin. Compiler define
    X11_GUITEST_ALT_L_FALLBACK_META_L enabled by default.

  - Added special # modifier for Meta_Left.  This modifier can be
    used like the existing ones (Alt=%, Control=^, etc.).

  - Applied Nelson's updates to test.t.  Helps to eleviate X server
    jams when using Exceed, for MS Windows.  Also testing GetMousePos()
    in list context.

  - Applied Nelson's patch to support multi-screen operation in various
    functions.  Certain functions now include an additional parameter to specify
    the screen number.

  - Corrected incompatibility between Xinerama and the XTest extension.  Compile
    with X11_GUITEST_USING_XINERAMA defined.  See Makefile.PL for details.

0.20 Sat Feb 14 2004 09:43

  - Now linking to Xext when building to support
    HP-UX 11 and possibly other OSs.

  - Added links into the documentation to the various
    project distribution sites.

  - test.t checks are now skipped if X Windows isn't
    running.  An appropriate warning message accompanies

0.19 Sat Dec 13 2003 11:28

  - Added FindWindowLike.pl example script.

  - Fixed a SendKeys bug spotted on RedHat 7.3

  - Added eg/templates/ScriptTemplate.pl for the
    purpose of constructing future example scripts.

  - Enhanced to help support Perl v5.5.3 (older; doesn't
    have newSVuv defined).

  - Various enhancements to the documentation.

  - Updated copyrights for new year.

0.18 Sun Sep 28 2003 17:45

  - Added GetWindowFromPoint function.

  - Added GetParentWindow function.

  - Should now compile/link properly on Solaris systems.

0.17 Sat Sep 06 2003 09:23

  - Corrected < and > key mappings.

  - Minor speed enhancements

  - Rearranged documentation sections.

  - Enabled optimizations and all warnings in

0.16 Sun Aug 03 2003 15:00

  - Added PressMouseButton, ReleaseMouseButton.

  - Added WebBrowser_1.pl example script.

  - Added more SendKeys examples, i.e. Ctrl-Shift-l

  - Added SetWindowName function.

  - Added documentation for DISPLAY environment
    variable alteration for the purpose of interacting
    with applications on remote X servers.

  - test.t modified to accommodate scenarios when
    there are no windows present that have a WM_NAME
    property set.

  - Other minor documentation enhancements.

0.15 Sat Jun 28 2003 17:45

  - Quote string function will now handle data
    present after any embedded newline characters.

  - Enhanced TextEditor_1.pl example.

  - Added additional checks in test.t

  - Pristinized the typemap.

  - Misc. code/documentation enhancements.

  - Removed docs/Packaging file. Note: Now using
    `make tardist` to generate new module builds.

  - Removed MakeDocs.sh..  Now handled in Makefile.PL

  - Added a note that goes into man page concerning other

  - For those websites that grab only the POD from
    GUITest.pm, I've added a note into the documentation
    intended to relay that there is more then just that
    available for documentation.

  - Added LSH (Shift_L), RSH (Shift_R), LCT (Control_L),
    RCT (Control_R), LAL (Alt_L), RAL (Alt_R) abbreviated
    key names.

  - Added PressKey and ReleaseKey per suggestion.  Also
    included PressReleaseKey.

0.14 Sun May 18 2003 11:53

  - Documentation updates

  - Official support for FreeBSD 5.0

0.13 Sun Mar 30 2003 19:32

  - Enhanced and reenabled man3 POD generation.

  - Added WaitWindowClose

  - Added TextEditor_1.pl example script.

  - Documentation updates

0.12 Fri Mar 21 2003 02:35

  - Added IsKeyPressed

  - Added logical mouse button Ids to :CONST export tag:
    M_BTN1 - M_BTN5

  - Added IsMouseButtonPressed

  - Updated documentation

  - Added QuoteStringForSendKeys

  - Disabled man3 POD generation in Makefile.PL until I
    find a pristine method of generating one manual
    page from the PM and XS file.  Currently I'm using
    MakeDocs.sh to construct the core text/html

0.11 Sun Mar 09 2003 16:01

  - Fixed aliased {PGU} and {PGD} keys.

  - Added GetMousePos, IsChild functions.

  - Now packaging as X11-GUITest-[VERSION].tar.gz versus

  - Made enhancements to the documentation.

0.10 Tue Mar 05 2003 18:00

  - Initial Release.