Revision history for Perl extension XML::GDOME

0.86  March 30th, 2004
	- Fixed bug when calling appendText with value "0" (Marc Slagle)

0.85  December 1st, 2003
	- removed #include <libxml/hash.h> from GDOME.xs - workaround for libxml2 2.6.2
		(Mike Castle)

0.84  November 28th, 2003
	- Updated Makefile.PL to work with gdome2 0.8 - see ticket 4410

0.83  July 31st, 2003
	- Added CLONE method in increment reference count - first stage of
	  support for threading (Stephen Clouse)
	- Adapted 01_basic.t to accept new libxml2 error message (Stephen Clouse)

0.82  September 15th, 2002
        - Require XML::LibXML::Common for rountines and constants
          shared with XML::LibXML, removed duplicate
          encodeToUTF8, decodeFromUTF8 functions from XML::GDOME.
        - Fixed bug in generate script - use xpath instead of
        - Doc fixes
	- Fixed namespace in test-document3.xml DTD for
	  libxml2 >= 2.4.23
	- Checks for gdome2 0.7.2 or greater, not just equal

0.81  June 5th, 2002
	- Added toStringEnc method, supports encoding

0.80  May 7th, 2002
	- Fixed appendText for when $xmlString is undef
	  (Richard Titmuss)

0.79  April 25th, 2002
	- Added XML::LibXML methods including getAttributeNS,
	  findvalue, find, insertAfter, getChildrenByTagName,
	  getChildrenByTagNameNS, getElementsByLocalName,
	  appendTextChild, appendWellBalancedChunk,
	  createAttribute, to_literal and several aliases (Richard Titmuss)
	- Fixed getElementsByTagName when return empty list
	  in array context (Richard Titmuss)
	- Fixed bugs in XML::GDOME::SAX::Generator (Richard Titmuss)
	- Added README.LibXML, includes notes on LibXML/GDOME compatability
	  (Richard Titmuss)

0.78  April 16th, 2002
	- Removed #include <gdome-traversal.h> from GDOME.xs.
	- Added iterator method (Richard Titmuss)

0.77  March 22nd, 2002
	- API CHANGE: Removed GDOME_ prefix from GDOME constants.
	- getElemenetsByTagName(NS)? now returns array if wantarray is set
	- more doc improvements.
	- Moved validation throwing exception fix to generate script.

0.76  March 5th, 2002
	- Updated to use lastest version of gdome2 from CVS
	    API CHANGE: XPath now follows DOM Level 3 XPath
	    08 February 2002 Working Draft.
	- Validation now throws exceptions instead of printing
           to stderr (Martin Oldfield)
	- Documentation fixes and improvements
	- Bug fix - doc nodes returned by getParentNode are now
	    blessed as "XML::GDOME::Document"

0.75  February 16th, 2002
	- Memory leak fixes in XS wrapper and gdome2 library.
	    All tests should run without any memory leaks.
	- Added XPath module
	- Improved Documentation
	- Added SAX Interface
	- Added XML::LibXML compabitilty
	- Added XML::GDOME::Node::toString

0.7.0 December 23, 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-X -n XML::GDOME