Revision history for XML-Grammar-Fortune-Synd

0.0212  2018-05-23
        - Convert to dzil .

0.0211  2014-02-01
        - Add separate "LICENSE" file (CPANTS).
        - Minimum version of perl in META.yml/etc. (CPANTS).
        - Add a link to the version control repository to META.yml (CPANTS).

0.0210  2013-06-17
        - Fix test failures on some Windows machines.
            - They were caused by File::Copy preserving the file's read-only
            - t/02-eliminate-old-ids.t

0.0209  2013-05-31
        - Made sure to make use of File::Spec instead of concatenating
        pathnames with /s where appropriate - hopefully it will fix the
        test failures on Windows.

0.0208  2013-05-22
        - Fix scripts/ for the Mercurial repository.

0.0207  2013-05-22
        - Add t/cpan-changes.t .
        - Add scripts/ .
        - Remove Makefile.PL - use Build.PL from now on.

0.0206  2013-05-11
        - Add the <id /> element to the Atom feed.
            - Feed did not validate due to this.
        - Convert from YAML::Syck to YAML::XS .
            - YAML::Syck fails tests on perl-5.18.x, and seems
            - YAML::XS is in general better.
        - Add tests and an assert for maximal number of feed entries.

0.0204  2013-01-13
        - Bump minimal dependency of XML::Grammar::Fortune to 0.0506.
            - Required for passing tests.
            - Thanks to Andreas Koenig for some help in diagnosing the

0.0203  2011-05-28
        - Convert the write-to directories in t/*.t to File::Temp's tempdir() ,
        in order to get rid of Win32 (and other) test failures:

0.0202  2011-04-02
        - Eliminate old IDs in the YAML file if the fortune cookies were moved
        or deleted.
            - see t/02-eliminate-old-ids.t .

0.0201  2010-10-26
        - Reformat "Changes" (this file) - it had some long lines.
        - Added MANIFEST.SKIP to the distribution. It's not functional yet,
        but it keep getting auto-generated (we maintain the MANIFEST manually).
        - Added a dependency on XML-Grammar-Fortune-0.0400 which was converted
        to File-ShareDir, and so this module will now hopefully not fail the

0.02    2010-10-08
        - Add List::Util (which is core, but is still explicitly used) and
        XML::RSS version 1.46 to the dependencies.
        - Revamped lib/XML/Grammar/Fortune/ - the RSS feed is now
        generated side-by-side with the Atom feed instead of converted from
        it. This makes sure that the RSS feed is now fixed and does not
        contain weird base-64 encoded data. However, the Atom feed is still
        broken, due to this bug in XML-Atom:
        - Test for the RSS correctness in t/01-run.t .
        - Add the script to tag release in the svn repository.

0.01    2008-07-30
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
        - Can syndicate to valid RSS and non-valid Atom.
        - May require the XML-Feed customizations in: