Revision history for XML-Grammar-Vered

v0.0.9  2014-02-17
    - Fix the misplacement xml:space="..." in the ".xslt" stylesheet.
        - Caused test failures with some combinations of libxml2 and libxslt
        and should not have worked in the first place according to the
        - For more information, see:

v0.0.8  2014-01-02
    - Fix the double =encoding directive in the POD. It confused MetaCPAN:
        - Fixed by replacing "-Encoding" in weaver.ini to "-SingleEncoding"
        - Thanks to ether on #dist-zilla

v0.0.7  2014-01-02
    - META.yml provides and minimal perl version (CPANTS).
    - Add a test for trailing space.

v0.0.6  2013-05-14
    - Rename the example away from "bad-elements" to avoid confusion:

v0.0.5  2013-05-09
    - Get rid of Makefile.PL.
        - It doesn't handle three digit version ("vX.Y.Z")
        dependencies too well.
    - Add minimal dependency on v0.2.2 on XML-GrammarBase.
        - To fix test failures due to old and broken libxml2 versions.

v0.0.4  2013-02-20
    - Add MANIFEST.SKIP and got rid of packed-up temporary files (*~).

v0.0.3  2013-01-23
    - Add minimal dependency on v0.2.1 on XML-GrammarBase.

v0.0.2  2013-01-21
    - Add t/00-libxml-basic.t and t/00-libxslt-basic.t .

v0.0.1  2013-01-18
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world