- New coordinates system (SVG compatible)
    - binmode() for win32
    - add the ability to specify custom bullet points
    - add documentation and test cases for nested slidesets
    - add more scaling options for images
    - initial support for captions and titles, visually not yet sufficient
    - bug fix: scaling unit line (width) corrected
    - scaling test page
    - documented <span> tag
    - fixed font handling bugs in CSS handling routines
    - added test cases for <span> text attributes
    - added <u> tag and text-decoration CSS attribute
    - added plain text tag
    - added unordered list tag functionality and documentation
    - fixed Makefile.PL dependencies
    - added ordered lists
    - added box element for free positioning of content
    - Added a placeholder tag to insert various variables from the slideshow
    - added XSLT processing mode with the ability to create completely
      custom page designs
    - fixed SVG path's A/a command
    - changed SVG coordinate system to make inclusion of external graphics easier
    - fixed various bugs regarding text styles, flow and image handling
    - added align attribute to <plain> tag
    - convert everything to iso-8859-1 so that at least some non-ascii
      is supported (patches welcome for something more comprehensive).

    - Many SVG fixes

    - Bug fixes in table support
    - Improved layout
    - Implemented "print mode" whereby transitions don't occur
    - Implemented default-transition attribute to make transitions easier
    - Implemented absolute image positioning

    - Added table support
    - Added SVG vector graphics support
    - A number of other fixes

    - Added ability to position logos (Lari Hotari)

    - Bump rev to 1.0+ to reflect stability

    - Fixed changing colour when another colour is in effect

    - Changed to use PDFLib's bounding box implementation

    - Added axpoint command line script

    - Initial port from AxKit version
    - Enhancements including <i>, <b>, <color> support