Revision history for Perl extension XML::Mini
XML-Mini-1.38, 2008.02.04
- Fixed <!DOCTYPE ...> bug
- Can now handle empty attributes="" 
- Fix for annoying deep recursion warnings
- <?xml ?> header putting version attribute first, as prefered by xmllint etc.

XML-Mini-1.34, 2008.02.03
- Added a preliminary check to XML::Mini::Document::fromString so we don't even try to parse XML that's clearly bad (uneven number of <tag>...</tag> because of mistake of bad <unary> (without closing /).

XML-Mini-1.28, 2003.03.31
- New XML::Mini::Document methods, toHash() and fromHash(), allow for wickedly easy XML generation and manipulation.  
See the XML::Mini::Document::fromHash() and XML::Mini::Document::toHash() pod for details.

- Bug in the parsing algorithm when dealing with multiple elements of the same name, some of which have sub-elements, eg

 <a />
 <a />
 <a> <b>...</b> </a>
 <a />

 Now fixed.

XML-Mini-1.27, 2003.02.01
- Problem for users of Perl < 5.8.0 - The module was coded as if Text::Balanced was optional but was 'use'ing it and failing the make test.
- Made some changes to the parameters for getElement() and getElementByPath(), adding optional positions in order to allow extraction of the nth matching element instead of only the 1st.

XML-Mini-1.26, 2003.01.27
- Big bug found when using Text::Balanced (problem in parsing <tag>...</tag> whenever ... contains
something like <unary /> tags or anything but <tag>..</tag> and text).  Fixed and tests adjusted.

XML-Mini-1.25, 2003.01.26
- Major changes to the parsing algorithm which, if Text::Balanced is available, allow "cross-nested" tags
  (such as <a><b><a>..</a></b></a>) to be parsed successfully.
- <? tags ?> are now represented as XML::Mini::Element::Header elements
- Added the XML::Mini::Document::header() method to create the new XML::Mini::Element::Header elements 
  which represent <? tags ?>.
- Added the XML::Mini::Document::parse() method which accepts strings, filenames, open file handles and
  opened FileHandle objects
- Currently beta-testing an XML::Mini replacement parser for the RPC::XML package

XML-Mini-1.24, 2002.12.16
- Included Nigel Wetters ( changes/bug fixes to XML::Mini 
  in order to make it more compatible with older Perl installs
- Fixes to getElement (inability to fetch nested tags of same name)
- Added the ability to removeChild() and removeAllChildren() for Element objects
- Added the ability to prependChild() and insertChild(CHILD, INDEX)

XML-Mini-1.24, 2002.11.25
- Made compatible with early Perls.
- test added to check whether modules parse correctly
- some rearrangement of PODs

XML-Mini-1.2,  2002.09.15
- Perl implementation of MiniXML API finalised and Makefile.PL created