Revision history for Perl extension XML::RDB.

Sat Sep 26 17:33:19 CDT 2009  Ken Carroll
  Dressed up the API some
  Changed recursive sub calls to goto statements in 
    RDB, RDB::MakeTables,, RDB::UnpopulateTables
  Added SQL_SELECTS, SQL_HEADERS boolean options to config file
  Added linkage RDB to RDB::MakeTables for SQL_SELECTS, SQL_HEADERS
  Removed constants in
  Removed dbix_ tables and related routines for DBIx::Sequence in RDB::PopulateTables
  Changed mtn, no longer calls normalize in
  Replaced get_xml_name with get_real_element_names_db in
  Combined the _make_tables and _make_table routines (recursive)
  Replaced make_sequence_tables, make_root_n_pk_table with _make_work_tables 
  xml_rdb: added STDOUT option for generated XML
  Removed DBIx Flush statements.
  Should see another boost in performance and memory usage. 

Tue Sep 22 10:36:30 CDT 2009 Ken Carroll
  API adds: create_tables, drop_tables, done
  Added root_n_pk table holding root table and key parameters, changing the API
  Added SQLite support.
  Added DBIx, DBI debug vars to config. 
  Added use strict.
  Added done <- DESTROY, disconnects DB & XML::DOM::Parser->dispose
  Added Undef’d unused DBIx globs, the ones found.
  Added select generation in output DDL
  Moved XML::DOM::Parser and DB handles, utilizing one for each object from
  should see double in speed and better memory usage.
  Tested with Perl 5.10, Postgreql 8.3, SQLite 3.6.16, and MySQL 5.0.51a. 
  Fixed the config vars.
  Added most build info files

0.01  Mon Apr 14 16:04:17 2003
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
  -AX -n XML::RDB --skip-exporter --skip-autoloader