Revision history for PXB

0.15    02/15/2011 mpg
        added sql mapping with multiple conditional operators - example 'if' => ['type:ipv4','type:ipv6']
	backward compatible with previous decalration - 'if' =>'type:ipv4'

0.14    3/18/2009 mpg
        allowed to set See Also in the footer

0.13    1/23/2009 mpg
        removed inc/.author directory
	updated SYNOPSIS
	changed test names to avoid 
	complications under Windows
	bugs fixed: 40463,40464

0.12    9/3/2008 mpg
        added expand_xinclude to provide support for XIncludes

0.11    9/2/2008 mpg
        fixed bug with wrong accessor 

0.10    8/13/2008 mpg
        fixed major bug with undeclared call in the buildSQL

0.09    7/24/2008 mpg
        fixed several bugs, added package_root option 
	changed interface to the buildAPI
        added real life examples with callbacks by closure means
0.08    7/16/2008 mpg
        added automated namespace registration ( namespaces will pop-up into the
	top element decalration)
	added example with schema extension pattern

0.07    6/16/2008 mpg
        fixed some glitches with uneven formatting of the generated code

0.06    6/11/2008 mpg
        specified more exact perlcritic policies and set of themes

0.05    6/10/2008 mpg
        added Test::Perl::Critic for test suit, added dependencies checks
	to avoid failing tests

0.04    6/9/2008 mpg
        moved back to ExtUtils::Makemaker for makefile

0.03    6/9/2008 mpg
        Removed external dependence on xml2-config executable
	added pre-req to have XML::LibXML v1.61 or better

0.02    6/6/2008 mpg
        Fixed white noise in pods, added pre-req checks
0.01    6/4/2008 mpg
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.