Revision history for Perl module XML::SemanticDiff

1.0006 2017-09-27
    - Fixed bug:
      where the code was failing to find the difference in this scenario
      Before: <element>0</element> After: <element></element>

1.0005 2017-02-06
    - Convert the distribution to use git, GitHub, and Dist-Zilla.
    - Correct some spelling errors and add more tests.
    - Remove trailing whitespace.

1.0004 2014-02-04
    - Update the contact info for Shlomi Fish from the old one.

1.0003 2014-02-01
    - Add separate LICENSE file (CPANTS).
    - Add inc/Test/Run/ .

1.0002 2013-08-17
    - Convert "Changes" (this file) to CPAN::Changes.
    - Thanks to .

1.0001 2013-08-17
    - Fix
        - Case problem with "repository" in "Build.PL".
    - Remove trailing space.

1.0000 2009-07-28
    - Fixed the POD displaying:

0.99 2008-10-03
    - Now can exclude some paths from the comparison:

0.98 2008-09-13
    - Added the LICENSE section to the POD (Kwalitee).
    - Added the "use warnings" (Kwalitee).
    - Added the "Repository URL" on the resources page.

0.97 2007-08-08
    - Added the README (Kwalitee)
    - Specified the LICENSE (as "perl") explicitly in the Makefile.PL.
    - Added t/pod.t. (Kwalitee).
        - fixed the POD in the process.
    - Created a Build.PL script based on the Makefile.PL in order to
      make sure the META.yml is according to the SPEC. (Kwalitee).
    - Added the t/pod-coverage.t file and made sure the files have
      full POD coverage. (Kwalitee)
    - Made sure the second argument in compare can accept a processed
      XML result, and refactored the code in the process. Added the
      t/13to-doc-read.t test file.
    - Converted the "PathFinder" package in lib/XML/
      to "XML::SemanticDiff::PathFinder" to maintain namespace
    - Converted the Pkg to use an object using Non-Expat-Options. Made the
      global variables as class members using accessors.

0.96 2007-07-03
    - Fixed the warning emitted with the namespaces being undefined.
        - fixes
    - Fixed the search algorithm so it will identify the location of the
      XML tags properly. (t/09two-tags.t)
    - Applied a modified version of:
        - Fixes an exception when comparing XML with multi-byte
        - Thanks to RMBARKER
        - t/10wide-chars.t
    - Applied a modified version of:
        - Fixes a case where the same tags in different places with
        identical contents, are not considered semantically identical.
        - Thanks to CLOTHO for reporting it and suggesting a
        - t/11tag-in-different-locations.t
    - Added a regression test against bug:
        - Seems to already have been fixed.
        - t/12missing-element-has-o-as-cdata.t

0.95 2002-04-09
    [ Undocumented changelog. ]

0.93 2001-06-14
    - third (hopefully final) BETA
    - more doc fixes.

0.91 2001-06-12
    - second BETA release.
    - code cleanup.
    - major doc fixes.

0.50 2001-05-25
    - initial public BETA release.

0.01 2001-05-24
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19