2.06    2010-12-16    Better error reporting

2.05    2010-08-13    Bugfix: BOMs exist

2.04    2010-04-22    Bugfix: CDATA in attribute may contain quote chars

2.03    2010-01-13    Bugfix: element and attribute names can begin with
                        an underscore

2.02    2009-03-24    Back out the DOMmish stuff, and move that into a
                        seperate distribution - XML-Tiny-DOM

2.01    2009-03-23    Remove values() method from DOMmish interface - not
                        needed because we have ...->element('*')

2.0     2009-03-22    Add parsedommish() constructor, taken from
                        experimental rsnapshot fork

1.12    2008-01-22    Fixed bug in handling strings of XML with newlines in

1.11    2007-11-01    Fix broken TAP in POD tests

1.10    2007-10-29    POD tests no longer require Test::More (thanks
                        to Jonathan Stowe for pointing this bug out)

1.09    2007-10-29    Fixed filehandle localisation bug

1.08    2007-10-25    Fixed another bug in self-closing tags, introduced in
                        1.07 and again reported by Sergio.

1.07    2007-10-24    Fixed bug in self-closing tags, thanks to Sergio
                      Added POD tests.

1.06    2007-03-04    Fixed bug in open tags with no attributes and a single
                        whitespace char between the name and the >.  Thanks
                        to Gary Ansok.

1.05    2007-02-27    Localised warnings;
                      Better testing of filehandles
                        (both thanks to SAPER)

1.04    2007-02-11    Optionally reject documents with ENTITY and DOCTYPE
                      Optionally pass entities through without decoding 'em;
                      Optionally get all bondage-and-discpline about entities;
                      More careful pruning out of processing instructions;
                      Reject a few more small well-formedness violations;
                      Doco updates;
                      Attributes can now contain the > character;
                      Numeric entities now supported.

1.03    2007-02-03    Added CDATA support;
                      Removed some of the more inflammatory comments in the
                        docs :-)

1.02    2007-01-30    More 5.004 compatibility fixes;
                      Better support for attributes, again thanks to Matt

1.01    2007-01-29    Fixed for 5.004_05, with thanks to David Romano;
                      Added support for passing a string of XML, also at
                        David Romano's suggestion;
                      Added basic support for attributes, thanks to Matt