Revision history for Perl extension TinyXML.

0.34  - The API is now 0-based (when dealing with arrays)
      - fixed a bug in the parser triggered by extra spaces in start tags
0.33  - allow to build even if iconv is missing. In which case encoding conversion functionalities will be disabled
0.32  - fixed the 'Free to wrong pool' bug showing on multi-threaded perl when running on win32
      - cleanings to suppress compiler warnings
      - fixed compilation on some windows systems complaining about W32LockFile/W32UnlockFile redefinition
      - fixed pod documentation for XML::TinyXML::Selector::XPath
      - enforced 'use strict' and 'use warnings' on all perl modules
0.31  - fixed a bug which caused the xpath selector to potentially return items 
        in a random order when expanding a predicate (instead of returning them 
        in the order of appearance in the document)
0.30  - fixed an infinite loop introduced when adding the 'ignoreWhiteSpaces' flag
      - expose a new accessor to directly construct an xml object from a file
0.29  - reimplementing strcasestr() since it's not portable
        (missing on solaris)
      - fixed POD errors, warnings, formatting and a few doc typos
0.28  - fixed testunits : added missing files to MANIFEST
0.27  - fixed a namespace-related bug + minor cleanings
0.26  - introduced 'ignoreBlanks' and 'ignoreWhiteSpaces' flags
        (which affect both parsing and dumping behaviours)
0.25  - reimplemented XmlDumpBranch optimizations through safer code
0.24  - reverted XmlDumpBranch optimizations becuase 
        memory corruption was caused by the new code
0.23  - fixed a bug in hash-import routines
        (0-values produced empty xml nodes)
0.22  - introducing support for namespaces
      - optimizations in the underlying C library
0.21  - fixed a serious memory leak in the XS wrapper to XmlDump()
      - updated more documentation
0.20  - fixed a bug in Makefile.PL which was preventing it from being
        properly built as port on freebsd
0.19  - fixed MANIFEST to include encoding testunits
      - setting doConversion when necessary also for generated documents
        and not only when dumping an imported (and possibly modified) document
      - documentation
0.18  - fixed (hopefully) build on solaris
0.17  - support encodings through iconv
0.16  - bugfix in expression-parsing logic 
        (used to parse nested boolean expressions within predicates)
0.15  - full xpath support
      - introducing XML::TinyXML::NodeAttribute API 
        (as wrapper to the XmlNodeAttribute C structure)
      - better testunits 
0.14  - preliminary xpath (unabbreviated-only) implementation
0.13  - switched to macro-based linklist implementation 
0.12  - small improvements to the API (no changes...only extensions)
      - more testunits (and started rearranging them in multiple files)
      - by default, on export, empty nodes will use the shorter <node/> notation
        (this should be made optionally deactivable through some flag,
         as for defining encoding, whitespace handling and any other 
         optional behaviour which makes sense to take into account when 
0.11  - fixed leaks in underlying XmlGetNode() and XmlSetNodePath()
      - safety belt in XmlDumpBranch() to avoid accessing invalid memory
        in some edge cases
0.10  - forcing prerequisite for perl >= 5.8
      - introducing XmlGetAttributeByName() in the underlying C implementation
      - fixed direct dumping on a file: XmlSave() dumped on a file only if it
        already existed (blindly trying to create a backup copy). It now 
        creates the file if not there (and backup it if already present)
0.09  - bugfix : xmlize() MUST ensure to null-terminate the escaped string
        if the buffer had to be realloc'd
0.08  - bugfix : dexml() now works properly so special characters are now
        handled correctly when importing xml data
      - testunits now include escaping/unescaping-related checks
0.07  - correctly handle escaping/unescaping of xml special chars on 
        import/export operations
0.06  - bugfix: typo in
0.05  - updated documentation and implemented XML::TinyXML::addChildNode()
0.04  - allow the module to be built and used by perl interpreters < 5.8.8
      - some more documentation regarding the XML::TinyXML::Node object
0.03  - make the module to build properly on windows
        (strtok_r doesn't exist on win32)
      - added some documentation (more is still needed)
0.02  - switching from flock to ftrylockfile/funlockfile 
        to ensure solaris compatibility
0.01  Fri May 23 00:39:52 2008
      - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
        -Oxan TinyXML linklist.h txml.h