Thu May 29 2014  Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 5.4
   Do not escape CDATA content.

Tue May 27 2014  Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 5.3
   Fix CDATA not being printed properly by as_XML. RT #95970
   Fix Devel::Cover declared as build_requires but not used RT #93155
   Fix XML::Catalog version number mismatch. RT #93154

Mon Dec 9 2013 Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 5.2

   Fix local path resolution. RT #90464

Mon Oct 28 2013 Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 5.1

   Fix entities in attributes only working for root node. RT #89402

Thu Oct 03 2013 Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 5.0

   Add support for using XML Catalogs. (related to RT #87010)
   Add support for expanding entities.
   perl tidy FTW
   Remove xt/ deps from Build.PL. RT #78039
   Doc typo fixes. RT #66404
   Error out if args to new are not in a hash. RT #70654
   Add logic to keep entities in attributes when NoExpand is set. RT #88973

Jul 17 2013  Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 4.3

   Hard code VERSION in for PAUSE. RT #86964

Jul 15 2013  Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 4.2

   Added store_cdata to handle CDATA.
   More test coverage.

Mar 13 2011 Jeff Fearn <>
   Release 4.1

   Doc typo fixes. (Ansgar Burchardt) RT #66404
   Use same version in all packages for CPAN indexing. RT #66111
   Moved perlcritic tests to xt/author
   Fix Authors in all PM files

Nov 24 2010  Jeff Fearn <>

   Release 4.0

   Added NoExpand option to allow entities to be left untouched in xml.
   Added ErrorContext option to allow better reporting of error locations.
   Expanded tests to test these options.
   Added EncodeAmp option to encode unencoded ampersans on parsing.
   Switched to Module::Build
   Added Perl::Critic tests
   Fixed Perl::Critic complaints
   Switched t/10main.t to Test::More
   Added create_makefile_pl to
   Bumped HTML::Element req to 4.1 for proper entity handling

2004-06-10   Sean M. Burke <>

   Release 3.09 -- maintenance release.

   Just making the dist and the docs a bit tidier -- no actual code changes.
   Also modernized the tests just a bit.

2000-11-03   Sean M. Burke <>

   Release 3.08

   First release version.