Doug MacEachern


Changes - Perl Xmms change file


Thanks to:

the xmms team for an outstanding mp3 player.

Brian Moseley <> for lots of help squashing bugs and feature suggestions.

John Sachs <> for lots of help squashing bugs and feature suggestions.

Cutter Brown <> for help squashing bugs.


0.12 - March 20, 2002

use glib-config to help find glib.h [Julio Blanco Perez <>]

0.11 - March 20, 2002

workaround bug in xmms_remote_playist() that caused hang with xmms 1.2.7

fix bug in all_win_toggle which causes prefs win to popup with xmms 1.2.4 thanks to cutter brown for the spot

remove Audio::CD cddb support now that xmms has native cddb support

Xmms::Cmd::quit now uses $remote->quit rather than kill $sig, $pid

new Xmms::Remote methods: quit, is_{main,pl,eq}_win, is_{repeat,toggle} {get,set}_eq_{band,preamp} {get,set}_eq

0.10 - May 16, 2000

fix bug where `+' in any command triggered an eval, now anchored to beginning of line

Xmms::ExtUtils now uses xmms-config instead of gtk-config

plug memory leak in Xmms::Remote->get_* functions that return gchar * [Oleg Smirnov <>]

fix bug in shell where running external commands left zombies

added Xmms::waitfor_audio() function

added 'list size ...'

fix linkage for XFree86 [Paul Schinder <>]

0.09 - January 31, 1999

`track' now accepts a range

$file is now set to $remote->get_playlist_file when running +perl code

Xmms::urldb() and $ENV{HOME}/.xmms/.perlurldb for url completion

Xmms::is_cpl() function for external Xmms::shell plugins (Audio::RaveMP)

0.08 - December 27, 1999

xmms-playlist-delete.pat updated for xmms-

Xmms::shell configuration is now written to it's own ~/.xmms/config.perl file to prevent loss of config changes made by xmms itself

$variables set by `export' or `+ <perl code>' will be interpolated in cmd strings

added `alias' and `export' functions

added key bindings to toggle xmms windows

fix bug where readline::rl_bind was called w/o Term::Readline::Perl installed

fixed `info' "no such track" bug

commands prefixed with `+' will be evaled as Perl code

unknown commands will be treated as shell commands, if found in $PATH

`!' will expand to the selected history (script) path

new `sort order ...' sort option

`history' command will look in default paths for scripts

`#' in a filename will expand to the audio cd cddb id (Audio::CD required)

`delete' command can handle ranges

`repeat reset' will reset the repeat counter (w/ `change on')

M-e bound to `eject'

0.07 - July 11, 1999

`eject' command will open the cd tray if playing an audio cd (Audio::CD required)

added cddb support (Audio::CD required)

0.06 - June 27, 1999

up/down arrow keys now bound as a volume slider

shell will look for ~/.xmms/.perlrc and run as history script if exists

added `resume' command

added `delete' command

fix 'make test' when xmms is already running

history scripts can have #comments

`history </...' will save directory name for `history <-<TAB>' completion

change usleep() to xmms_usleep() in SongChange.xs

0.05 - June 18, 1999

fix `sort' command completion

added experimental Xmms::SongChange module

0.04 - June 14, 1999

`track' will display {jtime} if jump time is set for that track

`prefs' added to `window' list

`url' command will `play' the url if not already playing

last played `url' will be saved in ~/.xmms/config for `-' completion

x11amp -> xmms rename

new `mtime' command will "mark" the current output time for the `jtime' command, also bound to `M-m'

fix number of commands where <TAB> complete would actually run the command

a command abbreviation table is now built, so commands like `q' runs `quit'

`info' command will not hose the shell if track number is out of playlist range

`info' command will give a more friendly message if the file is not writable

`info' command will now default to the current track if no track number or filename are specified

`info' command can now be used of files that are not in the current playlist

0.03 - June 1, 1999

fix bug where 0.02's -e exports cause help to go into deep recursion!

set_mp3tag was not imported after change in 0.02

0.02 - May 31, 1999

`add' command will also expand/save `-'

`dig' command will now add to the playlist instead of replace it

if X11amp::shell or needs to run x11amp, it will also kill it before exiting

`M-`' keystoke will now run last command in the history list

`M--' and `M-=' won't print current info

`M-+' binding moved to `M-='

added balance command

current function now displays rate, frequency and mode

warn if Output Plugin is disk_writer and pop prefs box if so

window command displays usage if used wrong

all commands are exported, for use via perl -MX11amp -e ...

determine if playlist_add_url is available

warn if more that 1's are found

fix current, time, etc., commands when playlist is empty


first "release"