Changelog for Yancy-Backend-Static

0.004     2019-07-06 18:55:13-05:00 America/Chicago


    - Added better support for search and ordering in the `list`
      function. This is provided directly by Yancy::Util's `match` and
      `order_by` functions, so any improvements to those will improve

0.003     2019-04-25 09:50:29+01:00 Europe/London


    - Fixed a missing prereq reported by CPANTS. Thanks @manwar!
      [Github #1]

0.002     2019-04-25 09:44:47+01:00 Europe/London


    - Fixed `set()` not working with Yancy::Command::backend::copy. The
      `set()` method now can create new files with the given ID, and
      should probably be preferred to `create()` (which does not require
      an ID, but uses the `path` attribute).

0.001     2019-04-19 17:05:22-05:00 America/Chicago

    - Initial release
    - Basic support for Markdown pages