Revision history for ZConf-Runner

2.1.4	2009-11-27/9:45
		-Correct initilization if the config exists, but not the default set.
		-Warning cleanup.

2.1.3	2009-10-17/15:00
		-Now uses 'String::ShellQuote' when it runs a program.

2.1.2	2009-10-11/13:30
		-Minor pod correction to 'ZConf::Runner::GUI'.

2.1.1	2009-10-11/4:10
		-Correct initilization issue with accepting GUI not accepting the arg zcgui.
		-Add load test for ZConf::Runner::GUI.

2.1.0	2009-10-11/3:40
		-'bin/zcrunner' will now use the first arguement if -o is not given
		-Correct documentation in regards to the new method for

2.0.0	2009-09-26/2:00
		-Remove the 'zconf' value from the arg hash for 'ZConf::Runner::GUI->new'
			and 'ZConf::Runner::GUI::Curses->new'. It now uses the one from the
			'ZConf::Runner' object.

1.0.0   2009-05-18/13:00
		-Now has ZConf::GUI support.

0.1.0	2009-02-20/18:30
		-Add 'readSet', 'getSet', and 'listSets'.

0.0.1	2009-01-23/18:30
		-Add 'Curses::UI' as a requirement in 'Makefile.PL' to appease CPAN's

0.0.0   2009-01-05/13:15
		-Initial release.