Revision history for ZConf-Weather

1.0.0	2009-10-23/15:20
		-Clean up warings.
		-If new does not complete, a permanent error is set.
		-Autoinit now happens automatically.
		-Set is no longer selectable via new.
		-The 'zconf' value in the new args hash is now a ZConf object.

0.1.1	2009-09/01:00
		-Correct the manifest.

0.1.0	2009-09-27/0:35
		-'getWeather' and 'getWeatherObj' added.
		-'run' reworked to use the newly added functions.

0.0.1	2009-03-30/1:00
		-'new' now properly checks for the existence of 'weather' instead
			of looking for 'bookmarks'.

0.0.0   2009-03-02/6:30
        -Initial release.