Revision history for ZMQx::Class

0.006   2014-10-02T03:57:49+0200
    - added task distribution example (David Schmidt)
    - Only close open sockets in close(), updated dependency reference from ZMQ::LibZMQ3 to ZMQ::FFI (Michael Kröll)
    - lazy_pirate socket reset (Thomas Klausner)
    - Confess instead of die, cleanup (Klaus Ita)
    - Better diagnostics when (failing to) decode payloads garbled on the wire. (Nicholas Clark)
    - Flag-day re-ordering of on_error's parameters to be consistent with return's. (Nicholas Clark)
    - Change rpc_bind() from an exported subroutine to a method. (Nicholas Clark)
    - A much simpler structure for creating client/server tests. (Nicholas Clark)
    - Refactor the RPC test to avoid using timers. (Nicholas Clark)
    - Fix the RPC::Message::Response escape hatch. (Nicholas Clark)
    - Handle ROUTER sockets properly. (Nicholas Clark)
    - coverted to parametric role; store allowed comands in dispatch table; passthrough mode via payload=>raw (Thomas Klausner)
    - finished message/header objects, loop, some tests (Thomas Klausner)
    - added ZMQx::RPC::Message with first test (Thomas Klausner)
    - Ensure that send() always passes strings as sequences of UTF-8 to ZMQ::FFI (Nicholas Clark)
    - Add a send_bytes method, for when you really need to send raw bytes. (Nicholas Clark)
    - Update send() to reflect the (non-)return value from ZMQ::FFI::send(). (Nicholas Clark)
    - Create a proper test case showing the UTF-8 / zmq issue (Klaus Ita)
    - Call the correct ->socket  (RT63106_Building_deb_for_0mq_4) (Klaus Ita)
    - ZMQx::Class for ZMQ::FFI module (Klaus Ita)
    - added ZMQ_LAST_ENDPOINT helper (Thomas Klausner)

0.005   2013-08-05T15:57:14+0200
    - removed ZMQx::Class::AnyEvent in favour of $socket->anyevent_watcher
      (Thomas Klausner)
    - implemented $socket->send($string) (Thomas Klausner)
    - croak if cannot bind/connect (Thomas Klausner)
    - inproc push/pull (Thomas Klausner)
    - better fork safety (Klaus Ita)
    - use fd internally (Klaus Ita)
    - started with docs, added a pub/sub example (Thomas Klausner)
    - deprecated receive_multipart(), replaced by receive() (Thomas Klausner)
    - removed  wait_for_message (suggested by Marc Lehmann) (Thomas Klausner)
    - removed receive_all_multipart_messages (Thomas Klausner)
    - proper & working implementation of receive_multipart (Thomas Klausner)
    - aded get_events (Thomas Klausner)

0.004   2013-02-19T22:07:43+0100
    - warn when trying to set a sockopt after connecting (Thomas Klausner)
    - pass sockopts to ZMQx::Class->socket (Thomas Klausner)
    - ZMQx::Class->socket now works without $context (gets it from singleton)

0.003   2013-01-18T09:43:30+0100
    - smarter send method that can handle single, multipart and
      flags (Thomas Klausner)
    - added tests (Thomas Klausner)
    - added get_sockopt helper methods (Thomas Klausner)
    - use zmq_msg_send instead of zmq_sendmsg (Thomas Klausner)
    - new_context, context (Klaus Ita)
    - added wait_for_message (Thomas Klausner)

0.002   2013-01-07T15:13:24+0100
    - create set_SOCKOPT shortcut methods
    - use random port numbers to avoid clashes in tests
    - added ZMQx::Class->context

    - started new dist