Revision history for Perl extension Zabbix-Tiny

1.11 2018-03-23T13:41:08Z
	- GitHub Issue #27 - CORRECTLY fix the issue. (Thanks to dimir)

1.10 2018-03-23T04:24:06Z

	- GitHub Issue #26 - Cleanup warning when logging out from Zabbix API
	- GitHub Issue #27 - Issues with json_prepared() method
	- Added 'Module::Build' to cpanfile

1.09 2017-04-30T02:30:34Z
    - GitHub Issue #17 - Empty response from the API not handled properly
    - GetHub Issue #19 - Intermittent test failure

1.07 2016-08-11T18:43:07Z

    - GitHub Issue #15 - Using Modern::Perl instead of strict and warnings in tests.
    - GitHub Issue #16 - Wrong version of Test::LWP::UserAgent required.  It was indicated as 0.30, when it should have been 0.030.  I've removed the version number entirely.

1.06 2016-08-07T08:43:07Z

    - GitHub Issue 14 - Allow for more flexible testing.

    - GitHub Issue 13 - Need to add dependency for LWP::Protocol::https in cpanfile

    - GitHub Issue 12 - error not displayed when connection to the db fails

    - GitHub Issue 11 - a way to print out json without contacting the api

1.05 2016-03-23T00:01:46Z
    - Should now take params argument as a reference (arrayref or hash ref depending on the Zabbix API method).  Passing parms as a hash (as opposed to hashref) is still supported for backwards compatability.

1.04 2016-03-10T22:32:11Z
	- Changed default value assignment for verify_hostname from "default => 1" to "default => sub {1}".  Some CPAN tests were failing, and it looks like this is becuase Moo only supports assigning defaults by subroutine.

	- New examples from Richlv should be on github (hopefully not in CPAN)

1.03 2016-02-19T20:54:32Z
	- Changed from using verify_hostname only to exposing all of the 
	  LWP::UserAgent->{ua}-{ssl_opts} attributes.

	- Updated documentation.

1.02 2016-02-06T23:19:10Z
	- Updated perldoc

	- minor typo fixes (in pod)

    - Added method 'verify_hostname' to skip ssl validation to https
      servers. This is useful when using self signed certificates, etc.

    - New method 'post_response' is an object of  the entire the LWP
      HTTP::Response.  This is very verbose, but useful for issues debugging
      the actual connection to the zabbix server.  This is what
      'last_response' was in previous versions.

    - Method 'last_response' is no longer the entire HTTP::Response, but is
      instead a hash ref of the response content.  This is the entire
      JSON-RPC message from the zabbix server, including the json, auth, and
      id headers. This may be useful for debugging, but the purpose of this
      module is to remove the need to handle this information.

    - New method 'json_request' returns a string of the json data sent to
      zabbix server in the most recent request.  Useful for debugging the
      data sent to zabbix.

    - New method 'json_response' returns a string of the json data received
      from the zabbix server in the most resent response.  Useful for
      debugging the data received from zabbix.

1.01 2016-01-28T04:47:02Z
    - Added files to cpanfile

1.00 2016-01-28T03:33:10Z

    - original version