Revision history for Perl extension Zeal.

0.001001 2015-02-15T00:31+02:00
 - Use chdir manually instead of passing -C to tar
 - Force using Archive::Tar when unpacking compressed tarballs on solaris
 - Recommend IO::Zlib and IO::Uncompress::Bzip2

0.001 2015-02-07T22:07+02:00
 - First stable release

0.000_003 2015-01-03T16:43+02:00
 - Make family:query syntax in Zeal->query stricter
 - Add support for anchors
 - Make Zeal->sets die if given family does not exist

0.000_002 2014-12-30T23:50+02:00
 - Fix POD formatting in
 - Fix remote documents in Zeal::Docset
 - Add SYNOPSIS sections for Zeal::Document and Zeal::Docset
 - Add Zeal::Feed for working with documentation feeds

0.000_001 2014-12-28T23:42+02:00
 - Initial release