Revision history for 'accessors' Perl pragma

All changes by Steve Purkis, unless otherwise noted.

    +	only run benchmark tests when $ENV{BENCHMARK_ACCESSORS} is set.
	(tests were failing randomly, and annoying lots of people)

    +	released as 1.0 to solidify the API & guarantee backwards compat
    +	fixed RT #29753: Suppress warnings in "make test"
	(it was a bug in the test code)
    +	included accessors::ro (read only) and accessors::rw (read/write)
	on chocolateboy's request.
    *	changed performance test to be more lenient:
	'set/get generated is < 15% slower than optimized (X %)'
	Threshold is now < 30% slower, because it was failing on some platforms
	(probably due to the amount of warnings generated by RT #29753, but
	 upped the threshold anyway).
    +	set more invalid accessor names [updated list from chocolateboy]

    +	made method-chaining accessors the default.
    *	created accessors::classic and accessors::chained, and killed the
	'use accessors qw( foo :style )' syntax.
    +	now compat with perl 5.6+ [reported by Michael Schwern]
    +	tests no longer noisy (no blib or benchmark diagnostics)
	[reported by Michael Schwern]
    +	using closures + anon sub instead of eval [reported by Michael Schwern]
    +	moved generation methods into simple subs & optimized (smaller pad to
	restore, results in faster, well factored code)
    +	added InvalidNames to catch things like AUTOLOAD & DESTROY
	[reported by James Duncan]
    +	s/cascading/chaining/ [reported by James Duncan]
    +	refactored test suite, added benchmarks for classic accessors.
    +	updated docs

    +	created Fri Sep 12 2003 after a conversation with Michael Schwern.