Revision history for anarch

0.04  8 November, 2009
    • New -add-extensions option.
    • Binary files can now be  downloaded  to  folders  that  do  not
      already exist. They used to be skipped.

0.03  1 July, 2009
      A serious bug that caused binary files to be  overwritten  with
      the referring page after  they  had  been  downloaded  has  now
      been fixed.

0.02  27 June, 2009
    • In sync mode,  local files that had not been modified would  be
      scanned for links,  even if they were binary  files;  now  such
      files are simply skipped.
    • Makefile.PL  has been fixed so that  the  file is  no
      longer installed.
    • Binary files are now downloaded straight to disk,  and  are  no
      longer kept in memory.

0.01  24 June, 2009
      First release.