0.12	31 October 2020
	fix Can't locate Bar.pm in @INC from missing '.'

0.11    27 October 2020
	Update the Makefile with meta information.

0.10	28 April 2020
	fix Can't locate Bar.pm in @INC from missing '.'

0.09	9 November 2019

0.08	4 April 2012
	Added "warnings::register" as a prerequisite, so that we don't try to
	use this module on any Perl that doesn't support this / does not have
	it in core.

0.07	31 March 2012
	Brought up to date to current code esthetics standards.  Also made sure
	it runs on 5.14.2, threaded and unthreaded.

0.06	12 May 2009
	Small fixes.

0.05	8 September 2006
	Removed dependency of Data::Alias: as Matthijs pointed out, there
	is no need for Data::Alias as a simple glob => glob assignment at
	compile time does the same.

0.04	8 September 2006
	Fixed problem with reloading modules time and time again.
	Fixed problem with using -require- for version checks.
	Aliased generic "import" method instead of creating a new one
	for each module encountered.

0.03	7 September 2006
	Fixed problem with return value of -require-.

0.02	7 September 2006
	First version based on Data::Alias and uploaded to CPAN.

0.01    14 October 2003
	First public version of as.pm.  Not on CPAN, but can be found at: