0.50 2018-04-17

 * Fix t/option_l.t to match changes in Math::BigInt.

 * The tests now require Test::More version 0.88 or newer.

 * New MANIFEST.SKIP file based on the template in the ExtUtils-Manifest

 * Format CHANGES according to CPAN::Changes::Spec.

 * Add test files t/release-test-version.t, t/release-portability.t, and

 * Convert test file t/02pod.t to t/release-pod.t and t/03podcov.t to

0.49 2018-02-03 pjacklam

 * Improve specification of required modules in Makefile.PL.

 * Fix typo in CHANGES file.

0.48 2018-01-31 pjacklam

 * According to the CPAN testers reports, Perl v5.10 or later is required, so
   make Perl v5.10 the minimum required version.

 * Verify that CPAN RT #102006 is fixed.

0.47 2016-12-13 pjacklam

 * Add more logic to Makefile.PL regarding INSTALLDIRS (CPAN RT #119199
   and #119225).

0.46 2016-12-11 pjacklam

 * Fix Makefile.PL so that this module installs over the core version.

0.45 2016-12-03 pjacklam

 * Use ExtUtils::MakeMaker rather than Module::Install in Makefile.PL

 * Remove INSTALL file. The information is in the README file.

 * Improve documentation in BUGS and SUPPORT sections in POD in bignum.pm,
   bigint.pm, and bigrat.pm.

 * Remove unused variables in Math/BigInt/Trace.pm and Math/BigFloat/Trace.pm

 * Update README and BUGS files.

 * Remove code that was accidentally left in t/infnan.inc after debugging.

 * Remove author information in LICENSE file.

 * Trim whitespace.

 * CHANGES file now has the same formatting as other Math::BigInt-related

0.44 2016-11-15 pjacklam

 * Update bundled Module::Install from version 1.16 to version 1.17.

 * Replace function calls with method calls.

 * Include patch for CPAN RT #116506.

0.43 2016-07-09 pjacklam

 * Replace function calls with method calls.

0.42 2016-01-05 pjacklam

 * "use strict" and "use warnings" everywhere.

 * Reformat some if the code according to the "perlstyle" man page. It makes
   the code easier for read, for me at least.

 * Add descriptions to tests.

 * Reorder CHANGES to chronological order.

 * Use bpi() as a class method, not a function.

 * Replace "use vars ..." with "our ...".

 * More descriptive variable names.

 * Start POD sections with =pod

 * Allow "nan", "inf", and "infinity", and ingore case, since core Perl allows
   these. We want to be compatible. Add tests to "infnan.inc".

0.41 2015-09-25 pjacklam

 * hex() and oct() now have the same semantics as the corresponding core
   functions. E.g., hex("cat") returns 202 and a warning "Illegal hexadecimal
   digit 't' ignored at ..." rather than NaN.

 * Added test files auth-bigint-hex.t and auth-bigint-oct.t.

 * Minimum required version of the Math-BigInt distro is now 1.992.

0.40 2015-09-22 pjacklam

 * Sync with blead.

 * Update author information in Makefile.PL.

0.39 2015-09-14 pjacklam

 * bignum tests: use eval-block instead of eval-string

 * bignum tests: use eval block to load Math::BigInt::Lite

 * Set version number in all .pm files to 0.39.

 * Display information about module versions in 01load.t.

0.38 2015-08-28 pjacklam

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

 * Minimum required Math-BigInt is v1.88.

 * Update bundled Module::Install from v1.08 to v1.16.

0.37 2014-04-03 pjacklam

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

 * Added new '00sig.t', '01load.t', '02pod.t', and '03pod_cov.t'.

 * Removed old 'pod.t' and 'podcov.t'

0.30 2012-09-11 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

0.29 2011-08-08 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

0.28 2011-07-09 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl.

0.25 2010-09-15 rafl 302 tests

 * Synchronise with blead perl
   Only changes in the tests.

0.24 2010-09-04 rafl 301 tests

 * Apply changes from blead perl
   Mostly POD fixes and minor test tweaks.

0.23 2008-04-05 Tels 301 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.88

 * require Math::BigRat v0.21

 * update bundles Module::Install

 * require Perl 5.006 (vs. 5.006002), should work with that

0.22 2007-06-30 Tels 301 tests

 * make the pragmas lexical, so that "no bigint;" etc. works

 * make "use bigint; use bignum;" not warn about redefining "inf" and "NaN"
   This also means a "use bigint;" will not override any already existing
   "inf" or "NaN" routine

 * require Math::BigInt v1.87

 * fix #27059: t/option_l.t fails

 * on Perl 5.9.4 or later: "overload" hex() and oct() with lexical routines
   that also handle arbitrary big integers

 * for all Perls: make "use bigint qw/hex oct/" export global hex() and oct()
   routines that work with big integers

 * make bignum.pm and bigrat.pm re-use code from bigint.pm

 * add exportable bpi() and bexp() methods

 * add exportable PI and e constants

0.21 2007-04-17 Tels 205 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.83

 * require Math::BigRat v0.19

 * add support for "try" and "only"

 * fix licence field back to "perl"

0.20 2007-04-09 Tels 198 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.82

 * require Math::BigRat v0.18

 * add a test for bug #18025:
   "bignum/bigrat can lead to a number that is both 1 and 0"

 * POD test needs Test::Pod::Coverage 1.08 to work

0.19 2007-02-03 Tels 194 tests

 * require Math::BigInt v1.79

 * require Perl v5.6.2

 * add Build.PL

 * use Module::Install

 * remove PREREQ_FATAL since the toolchain is broken

 * apply spelling fixes to POD

0.18 2007-01-27 Tels 194 tests

 * require Math::BigInt 1.78

 * add support for octal constants


 * add POD tests

0.17 2005-04-03 Tels 184 tests

 * remove the default library 'Calc', and let Bigint et. al. decide instead
   which library to load as default

0.16 2005-01-01 Tels 184 tests

 * option "l", "a", and "p" did not work under -Mbigrat

 * little doc fixes

 * add more tests, convert some testfiles to Test::More

0.15 2004-03-12 Tels 175 tests

 * small nitpick fix for Math::BigInt v1.70

0.14 2003-07-04 Tels 175 tests (released)

 * small nits fixed

 * allow parameters a and p for bigrat

 * added doc about shallow copies like $x = $y and method calls

 * precision()/accuracy()/round_mode() save now one call and are thus faster

 * bigrat() now calls Math::BigRat->precision|accuracy|round_mode, too

 * distribution is now signed, go to http://bloodgate.com/tels.asc for key

0.13 2002-08-24 Tels

 * added a LOT to the documentation

 * tests don't go "huh" anymore

 * bninfnan.t has the correct setup for testing in the core

0.12 2002-08-13 Tels

 * INSTALLDIRS => perl

 * document that use bignum/bigint/bigrat is global, not only in current block

 * added default exported inf() and NaN() routines to fix the second example:
   perl -Mbignum -e 'print 1 + inf,"\n"'
   perl -Mbignum -e 'print inf + inf,"\n"'

 * tests for inf()/NaN()

0.11 2002-03-25 Tels

 * testsuite failed under Lite due to specific tests for MBI

 * removed the printing of "Loading ..." to STDERR (interfered w/ something)

 * more tests for bigrat and bignum

 * trace.t remvoed due to VMS problems

0.10 2002-03-17 Tels

 * bigint: handle floating point constants like '4.5', '45e-1', '4.56e1' by
           truncating them to integer, so:
   perl -Mbigint -le 'print 4.5+4.5'

0.09 2002-03-12 Tels

 * added bigint.pm as a better way of perl -MMath::BigInt=:constant

 * tests for that

 * bigrat: some typos

0.08 2002-03-11 Tels

 * doc fixes/types and 'l' is equal to 'lib' (thanx to Dan Sullivan)

 * added tests for l, lib, and foo (the latter is expected to die)

 * uses Math::BigInt::Lite when it finds it, otherwise just plain M::BI

 * added tests for loading of Lite

 * version output includes Math::BigInt::Lite when it was used

 * rewritten README and INSTALL document

0.07 2002-03-05 Tels

 * new options: a (accuracy) and p (precision)

 * doc and tests improved quite a lot

0.06 2002-02-26 Tels

 * options can now be in short (one letter) or long form

 * new option: t or trace

 * old option: v or version

 * included Math::BigInt::Trace for trace

0.05 2002-02-24 Tels

 * Comes now in two flavours: Normal (bignum) and Rat-flavoured (bigrat)
       te@null:~ > perl -Mbignum=v
       Math::BigInt     v1.52 lib => Math::BigInt::Calc v0.23
       Math::BigFloat   v1.29
       te@null:~ > perl -Mbigrat=v
       Math::BigInt     v1.52 lib => Math::BigInt::Calc v0.23
       Math::BigFloat   v1.29
       Math::BigRat     v0.02

0.04 2002-02-21 Tels

 * added :constant to Math::BigFloat loading and tests for it

 * added v to import to print version and exit:

       te@null:~ > perl -Mbignum=v
       Math::BigInt     v1.51 lib => Math::BigInt::Calc v0.22
       Math::BigFloat   v1.28
       Math::BigRat     v0.02
       te@null:~ > perl -Mbignum=v,lib,Pari
       Math::BigInt     v1.51 lib => Math::BigInt::Pari v1.07
       Math::BigFloat   v1.28
       Math::BigRat     v0.02

0.03 2002-02-10 Tels

 * renamed to bignum

 * added dependency and loading of Math::BigRat

0.02 2002-01-29 Tels

 * AUTOLOAD, cleaned up a bit

0.01 2002-01-29 Tels

 * first version