Revision history for Perl script csvgrep

0.08 2019-05-16 NEILB
    - Stripped pod out of lib/, so MetaCPAN will direct people
      to the pod in the script. Thanks to Håkon Haegland for the PR.
      Mohammad: this means it will fail some Kwalitee/CPANTS checks,
      don't worry about them :-)

0.07 2019-04-17 NEILB
    - Set STDOUT to utf8. Thanks to JJ Atria for this.

0.06 2017-07-20 NEILB
    - Added a --match-column / -mc option, which says that the pattern
      should only be applied to a specific column, rather than the whole line.

0.05 2017-06-22 NEILB
    - The count of lines had an off-by-one error, as it was including
      the header line. Thanks to Scott Baker for catching this.
    - Put the shebang line back to #!perl, as ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      doesn't currently fix "#!/usr/bin/env perl" on installation.

0.04 2017-06-22 NEILB
    - Now display the number of matching records, and total # lines.
      PR#5 from Scott Baker++. I changed to only display the count if
      more than 7 lines matched.
    - Scott Baker fixed the shebang line. PR#3.
    - Added support for tab separator. Requested by Scott Baker in #2.

0.03 2017-06-22 NEILB
    - Fixed error in doc
    - Added bit to doc on how I define aliases for this
    - Ed Freyfogle added -h option to show usage help

0.02 2017-06-21 NEILB
    - More complete documentation
    - Added module to make PAUSE happy

0.01 2017-06-21 NEILB
    - First release to CPAN