0.09	4 April 2012
	Change in the test-suite so that tests should also run ok on Windows
	with Strawberry Perl.

0.08    31 March 2012
	Brought code up to current code esthetics standards.  Fixed bug in
	test-suite that was causing segfault.  Bug fixed by moving tests to
	a separate file.  Don't want to spend the time to find out what is
	causing the segfault in the test-suite.

	Made sure that debug output is not compiled in if not set.

0.07	17 March 2004
	Fixed bug in process() that would cause eval's to fail with an
	external autoloader such as "load" when a sub was found in an
	activating section (block would be opened, but not closed).
	Added some tests for this situation.

	Added "MODULE RATING" section to the pod, with information on how
	this module is rated.

0.06	14 March 2004
	Added further support needed for external autoloaders: specifically
	you can now call the "ifdef" code reference stored in @INC with a
	single parameter (module name) to obtain the underlying absolute path
	from which the module was actually loaded.  This was needed to support
	"load.pm".  Added some tests for this here as well.

0.05	13 March 2004
	Added patches submitted by Konstantin Tokar.  Fixes problem with empty
	code blocks.  Removed using the "all" flag for inline comments: there's
	just too much code out there that would be activated unintentionally.

	Made checks for activation triggers a little more strict by adding a
	word boundary check at the end.  

0.04	5 March 2004
	Added functionality for doing one line activating comments.  Idea
	courtesy of Nick Kostirya.  Added documentation for it and some extra

	28 January 2004
	Made sure test-suite cleans up even on multi-versioned systems.

0.03	25 January 2004
	Moved the conversion logic to a subroutine.  It will have some effect
	on performance at the expense of better maintainability.  Sorry guys.
	This should allow for a more extensive functionality.

	Added an official API for AUTOLOADing modules: the "process", "reset"
	and "oneline" subroutines.

	Changed name to "ifdef" after a discussion on Perl Monks.  Seemed
	more in line with what it does.

	Fixed several issues, particularly with =end and extra =pod sections.
	Thanks to Perl Monks Mr. Muskrat and dbwiz for pointing this out.

0.02	24 January 2004
	You figure you have a nice test-suite.  But then you miss that each
	module loaded clears out the associated @INC entry  ;-(  Fixed now.
	Extra test now added.

	Added some more documentation.  Fixed problem with newlines being
	lost if there was a match on =begin WWWWW but without the code
	actually being activated.

0.01	24 January 2004
	First public version of begin.pm.